Classic Filipino Favorites @ Dencio's! :)

by - December 02, 2014

Dencio's has been and always will be a part of Filipino food gathering. Whether it will be a family lunch out, friends' get together or simply talk over bottle bonding with friends all night long. Admit it, you simply cannot miss the famous Dencio's Sisig! :D
 Now, that Dencio's is a part of the Max's Group family brands expect that they'll be offering more scrumptious and mouth watering Filipino dishes fares that we used to love. As founder of Dencio's Mr. Dennis Nakpil "Dencio's was established under the premise of providing Filipinos with a place that is strictly local and original."
 True to what he said, this function room in their primary outlet in Harbour Square in Pasay has still the laid back and relaxing ambiance that is perfect to cater your needs. The entire place can maxed out at 300+ and the function room like the photo above can comfortably cater large group for a party, corporate events and social gatherings.
Another must see in this place is this Dart Board that is interactively fun for their guest. What's so good about this is when you hit the bulls eye, then you have a free drink from them! Cool huh? :D
 But from all the things that wowed me from Dencio's (aside from their food ofcourse) is their bar with really huge ref that has numbers of beers both locally and internationally, plus the pretty chick flat screens too! ;)
 Mango Shake (85 pesos) - Though I felt some itsy bitsy tiny ice on this drink, I really appreciate the that mangoes were super sweet! Really refreshing!
Krispy Sisig (209 regular / 319 large) - Everyone's favorite! Meaty, yummy, and really crispy! Perfect for pulutan!
 Pancit Dencio's (Platter: 205 / Bilao 449 pesos) - This one took me by surprise. I honestly find it too simple when I saw this, but man! It proved me wrong when I tried this. Not the usual pancit out there. Aside that it was packed with ingredients, there's a lot of seafoods like mussels on it, that's why I enjoyed this dish a lot!
 Krispy Pata (579 Regular / 689 Large ) - No you don't! NO ONE can ever resist this crispy and worth-every-calorie of Crispy Pata! The fact that the meat itself is not turning into a "bubble gum" to me, was really thumbs up! What more with the crackling pork skin? But whenever when we're at home, we used to put mayonaisse on the sauce of the crispy pata and get the floating mayo goodness! hahah! Isn't just me? HAHAH! (Try it! Put some mayonnaise on the usual soy sauce of the Crispy Pata then put some mayo. Don't stir it too much, just mix it for a couple of times. Every goodness of the soysauce with mayo is really heavenly. You'll thank me later for that!) ;)
 Adobo Brown Rice (205 pesos) - The most legit adobo rice I've tried! What I usually had as adobo rice from others is a plain rice that was tossed in soy sauce. That's it. They should've called it Soy Sauce rice. haha! But here in Dencio's I really taste the full flavor of the adobo in their brown rice. Healthier alternative for the white rice! haha!
 Krispy Leeg - Another stunner of the night. Wasn't really planning to order this one, but they suggested it. And it's OH-SO-WORTH-IT. The crispy on the outside, was so sinful (and delicious ofcourse) and the leeg inside was really soft and meaty on its own! Another perfect for pulutan! :D
Sari Saring Sinugba (545 pesos)  - Another personal favorite. Grilled favorites in one platter. BBQ, Tuna, Liempo and Squid. Everything was great! Especially the Pork BBQ! It was really meaty, flavorful and tender! It's even better than what we had before! You may also notice that there's different pickled veggies on the side. But, the white one? That's nata de koko strands!
 Krispy Isaw - Love at first sight when we first tried this. The isaw were crispier and longer. I wished they put more sauce on this! HMMMM! SARAP! :)
 Green Mango (85 pesos) and Watermelon Shake (85 pesos)- We had another round of shake when I found out that they have Green Mango. Gaaaahhh. Perfect ever! Sweet, Sour, and Tangy at the same  time! A linger of flavors in my mouth! But I haven't tried their Watermelon Shake since boyfie consumed it all. HAHAHAH. I guess it's really good! :P
 Turon de Sorbetes (82 pesos) - Who says you can't have desserts in Dencio's? :)

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Because of the generosity of our friends from Dencio's and Max's Group Inc, we'll be having a huge giveaway! (thank you so much MGI friends!) So stay tuned! :)

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