Chinese Treat Favorites @ Mongkok!

by - December 12, 2014

Chinese food is my comfort food when it comes to overall cuisine. Even though I eat their dishes over and over again, I still enjoy every moment whenever I'm dining in. We had a chance to try one of the most well known casual Chinese restaurant in the Metro which is Mongkok. It's actually pretty easy going there since they have lots of outlets even in the malls.
 I wasn't able to take a picture of their facade, since these beautiful looking chandeliers capture my attention! :D
 Green Mango Shake (85 pesos) - I initially remembered Dencio's when I saw Green Mango shake on their menu since I really enjoyed the Green Mango shake that time that's why I ordered that one, but this one was INSANELY sour! I can't even drink it. Fresh Watermelon Shake (85 pesos) - On the other hand, this watermelon shake was good and refreshing!
 Hakaw - We were first served with these plump and juicy hakaw! The shrimp inside was huge and makes me enjoy this dish even more!
 Seafood Roll (105 pesos) - Will remain as one of my favorites when it comes to dimsum! You can never go wrong with fish and crabstick roll into one! Really delicious!
 Japanese Siomai - I'm such a fan of nori, so it may be biased for non-nori lovers out there. But can you really go wrong with siomai wrapped in nori with crab sticks inside?
 Shang Long Pao (85 pesos) - My least favorite from all the dimsums. XLB is known for soupy inside the thin wrapper, but upon trying their version, I can't barely taste the soup inside their Shang Long Pao.
 Siomai (90 pesos) - Always a pleaser to everyone with its meaty taste!
 Deep Fried Shrimp Ball (90 pesos) - Last and definitely not the least, everyone's favorite! I always see this one whenever we go to Chinese restaurant but I tend to ignore this because frankly, It looks like a kwek kwek. HAHA! But it really blew us away when we tasted it. Crispy outer layer of batter outside, filled with flavorful shrimp meat!
Chicken with Corn Soup (240 pesos- Good for 8 pax) - This stood out from the other soups out there. It's the only soup that was served with parsley that added more flavor to this delicious soup.
 Mongkok Special Fried Rice (200/280 pesos) - Ofcourse, every Chinese feast will not be complete without the Yang Chow! :D
 Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style - Thinly sliced beef in a sweet and savory sauce! Sauce palang, ulam na! haha! I find it on a sweet side, but I enjoyed it! :P
 Salt and Pepper Squid - What I usually had is a tough squid, but not with Mongkok. Though I noticed that this can be improved with a bit of salt, still, I really appreciate that the squid was soft and not gamey.
 Shrimp and Asparagus (280 pesos) - All along the crusted square was tofu, but then to my surprised, it's actually a fish! :o With crisp asparagus and shrimps then tossed in spicy sauce.
 Crispy Pata (490 pesos) - Another dish that I surprisingly enjoyed. The skin was so crispy even it was exposed for a long time already. While the meat itself can stand on its own because of its flavor. Nom!
 Mixed Seafood - As a saucy person like me, I'm enjoying their dishes since they are generous when it comes to sauce. Though I find this one on the salty side. :D
 Qing Dao Spareribs (290 pesos) - Huge chunks of pork, smothered on their thick sweet sauce. The pineapple chunks make a lot of difference because of the natural sweetness and sourness that adds prominent flavor in this dish.
 Almond Jelly with Lychee - It's my favorite dessert in every Chinese restaurant since I was a little kid. Their version is actually pretty good, but I find their sauce too sweet for my liking.
Mango Sago - Creamy mango puree topped with bits of tapioca. Perfect combination! But I wished they served it colder. :)

Overall, whenver I need an instant Chinese fix, Mongkok will surely part of the list! :)

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