A Modern Japanese Cuisine at The 5th Taste! :)

by - December 04, 2014

If you will ask the kids around you to name the basic taste we have, they will name the 4 basic taste. These are the sweet, salty, sour and bitter. But did you know that there's one more additional taste that is included above? It's Umami, a japanese word from the word "umai"meaning delicious and "mi" which is taste.
The 5th Taste in P. Guevarra, San Juan is a modern Japanese cuisine that offers Japanese fusion foods with a twist, that will surely captivates the "umami" flavor in their dishes.
Deconstructed Miso Soup (98 pesos) - When they first served this dish to us, I was really happy to see that they are serving their food in a nice and unique way. You know that I loved it when the dishes are instagram worthy one. hehe!
Each bowl has tofu, onion chives and pork floss.
Believe me if I say that my bench mark of best tasting miso soup is from 5th Taste. The miso soup flavor can stand on its own. It's not the powdered one that you can easily buy in stores. What's so good with this miso soup that stood out from others is the pork floss and onion chives on it. It really does makes a huge difference! It's really good!
California Maki Furai (185 pesos) - California rolls with a twist since this one was fried. It's like a hybrid of rolls and katsu in one. haha! But seriously, I quite like it! The fried rolls was filling and really nice when you scrape the rolls with the teriyaki and japanese mayo on the side! :)
Tofu Steak (105 pesos) - Guess what? This was the majority's favorite, and definitely my personal top choice! A lightly fried soft tofu with honey-shoyu reduction and shoe string potatoes. The tofu inside was really soft like a custard, while the outer layer has this delicate crispy coating served on their light and savory mirin sauce. This dish exceeded my expectations big time! Make sure to order this one!
Kani Salad Pizza (225 pesos) - If my personal favorite would be the previous one, then boyfie will raise his hands for this. Again, you know it, boyfie is not even a fan of veggies, and it's really weird and surprising to me! But I won't wonder why since this dish is actually good and refreshing! Crispy thin crust with layers of generous amount of melted cheese, shredded carrots, cucumber, and kani then drizzled off with Japanese mayo. You may opt to put chilli powder or nori on top on your pizza.
But I personally enjoyed it when I put lotsa nori on it! :)
5th Taste Lasagna (225 pesos) - Lasagna? On a Japanese restaurant? Why not! Layers of pasta, bolognese sauce, cheese and teriyaki bechamel! Each layer has nori that makes this dish a unique and flavorful one!
Mirin Chicken Ala Pobre (150 pesos) - Garlic-mirin infused chicken served in a sizzling plate. Make sure to ask for extra sauce on this! They told us that 5th taste loves to give extras! hehe! :)
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu (325 pesos) - Fried tonkatsu served with Japanese slaw and special tonkatsu sauce. This is my least favorite from the rest. I'm not saying it's not good, but I guess I find it ordinary. I also can't barely taste the Jalapeno flavor since I'm really a fan of Jalapenos.
Sansrival - Have you tried Beard Papa's sansrival? Yup, this one is the same because they have the same owner, but ofcourse they served it prettier here! :P  
Different rice meals for the rice lovers out there are also available. 
 They also give different discount and promos so be sure to check and follow their social media accounts! :)
Did I mention that they have a wide variety of choices on their menu? And when I said wide, it's really a lot! Care to have some steak? hehe. Check their facebook page here

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  1. Love the photos! Japanese foods are served in most stylish ways.. Cant help but raised an eyebrow for the fried maki.. Japanese foods are meant to be healthy, less oily but well.. makes me want to try it. hehe..


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