TRY EAT: Paella Festival 2014 this November 21, 2014! :)

by - November 05, 2014

Paella is one the most filling and satisfying food that ever created. A popular Spanish dish that definitely captured the taste buds of Filipinos! There are 3 common variations of Paella. Valencian Paella, Seafood Paella and Mixed Paella that is widely available around the market. But! Did you know that you can try as many as you like, this coming Paella Festival 2014 with additional variations such as the following:

1. SPANISH PAELLA (in tomato sauce with lechon and seafoods.)
2. PAELLA NEGRA MARINARA. (in black squid ink sauce with seafoods.)
3. INDIAN PAELLA (in curried spicy sauce with seafoods)
4. CHINESE KIAMPONG PAELLA (with chicken pork adobo mix with pechay, gabi and peanuts.)
5. KOREAN PAELLA (sweet spicy with sesame seeds and toasted pork ribs.)
6. JAPANESE GOMOKU GOHAN. GREEN PAELLA. (seasoned with herbs and variety of nuts)

Aside from 6 different paellas they will also serve plain rice, pork sinigang, 
and kansi (soup with beef kneecap cooked in langka chunks and kamias).
That's why, we are calling all Paella lovers out there to enjoy Paella Festival 2014 this coming November 21, 2014 | 5:00 PM at Kapitan Moy Main Hall J.P Rizal Marikina City for 550 pesos only that comes with bottomless iced tea already. Be prepared as well because they are also having a mini raffle draw wherein you might take home prizes and souvenirs!

 PHP 550.00 per head. Eat all you can with Bottomless Iced Tea
 Reserve 1 table of 10 and you will only pay for 9!
 Early Bird Reservation - PHP 500.00 only!
Senior Citizen - PHP 440.00 only!

You may pay your reservations through bank deposit at BDO under the following details:
Jesus B. Grafilo, JR. # 006510139625. And email your deposit slip to:

See you there foodies! :*

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  1. We're so excited to see you there Miss Teta! Cheers! :)


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