Scrumptious Lunch Buffet @ Vikings SM Megamall!

by - November 08, 2014

Vikings is undeniably one of the most popular buffets in the Philippines. 
The extensive quality buffet stations is definitely the reason why Vikings remain on top.
I have tried almost all branches of Vikings, and I'm still in the middle of posting all my backlogs. So far, my favorite branch goes to Vikings in SM Megamall located in the newly opened wing Mega Fashion Hall.
I had 2 visits in this branch. Since the first time was packed because it's Father's Day, 
I'll be writing our second visit which is my Dad's Birthday. :)
Wasn't able to take pictures of the entire dining area, but the place was huge..
Elegant interiors for you to enjoy your stay.
If ever you're going to eat there, it is advisable to reserve a seat so you will not end up lining up in queues. Especially if there's a national celebratory events.
Elegant set up with patterned tiles, creative frames and artistic designs.
To start their different stations, here's their Anti Pasti Station..
With selections of cheese, salamis, nuts..
Variety of salad selections..
Savory Appitizers..
Huge sushis..
And assortment of rolls..
Mind to have some slice of this huge turkey?
Why not try their lamb or Angus roll?
Look at this pretty looking display of breads!
You can also make your own shabu shabu? Select your desired meat, veggies, broth, and then you're good to go!
Another popular station is their grilling station. Look at that huge cut of seafoods!
Plus these marinated meats and fishes..
 Don't forget to get these huge and plump mussels! Nom!
Their tempura is another blockbuster which you can see it's always "sold out" as they say ;)
If you see kids gathered in one place, then you might be in the Chocolate Fountain station!
But adults prefer to enjoy these cold treats such as mousse, panna cotta, jellies,
Fruit shots, Fruit salads, and mini cakes!
But if you're not fan of those sweets like my Dad, then I'm sure you'll have fun treating yourself with the sweet fruits of Vikings!
But my favorite? Their cake station! The presentation alone, looks like those cakes I've tried in hotel buffets.
The Crepe Station is something you should try as well. Everything is in your hand, mix and match then BAAAM! :)
Vikings still put a Filipino touch by putting these classic rice cakes. (You may also notice the number of Birthday cakes being prepared for the Birthday Celeb)
Halo Halo Station. I wanted to take a top view shot but I'm too small. haha!
And ofcourse, selection of drinks that will quench your thirst. From juices, shakes, and twinnings tea! :)
I always start my buffet with Chinese Food. I loved the Seaweeds of Vikings. Perfectly seasoned with the right amount of spiciness! As well as their other dimsums. To think that my Dad is very hard to please when it comes to food (especially Chinese Foods) you know that there is something about their food when my Dad told me that their Chinese Station was delicious!
As much as I want to get Baked Oysters, I try to limit myself to avoid trips in the rest room. HAHAH! 
But I simply cannot ignore these gorgeous baked oysters!
I was in shrimp haven with these huge Steamed Prawn. The simplicity of this dish will bring out the natural sweetness of the shrimps. The Steak is something you shouldn't miss when eating at Vikings. I loved putting mushroom and truffle sauce together! Another interesting (and delicious) viand I've tried is this Marinated Beef with Pesto I'm not 100% sure with the name but this is one blow me away! Tender beef marinated in their special sauce that has prominent pesto flavor. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I love vegetables to death, but I don't visit greens stations whenever I'm in the buffet to enjoy the sinful treats I can have. But my Mom opted to try different salads! The one with watermelon is her favorite! :)
While devouring with my foods, my Dad decided to get some breads. For some reason, I don't see any reason to get bread whenever in the buffet. But my Dad asked me to try and see the difference. And yes! It's freshly baked bread! Flaky on the outside yet soft and moist inside!
And I even get one for myself in the next round, together with rolls, and varieties of cooked foods.
My Dad is such a fan of seafoods, and it's not surprising to see him get various seafoods for grilling. My favorite from the grilling station is the HUGE mussels on the back. You can clearly see that it's indeed really huge and plump! :o
Boyfie on the other hand prefer to have these pork for grilling. All along I thought this will taste like the ordinary ones we can make at home, but it's not. Their marinate was delicious, in between flavor of sweetness and saltiness that sipped on the meat!
Even though we're trying to slow down because we're feeling a bit full already, I MUST try their Shabu Shabu! From the selections of noodles, vegetables and seafoods from the station, it will be served at your table with a mini stove underneath to keep it hot!
But can you guess what made me love Vikings even more? This quality Pesto over here! It was awesome! One of the nicest pestos I've tried since it's not the ready to cook pesto because the pasta itself was freshly made! It's even better than the Pestos I've tried from some hotels.
On every buffet, I'm saving 50% of my tummy space for the desserts alone! You can't blame me, just by seeing their desserts spreads makes me wanna hoard everything! Aside from the desserts shots in the buffet, my favorite would be the Creme Brulee, Coffee Jelly, and the famous Avocado Ice cream of Vikings!
Save a room for these colorful and mouth watering cakes from Vikings! Yup, I tried everything! HAHAH! 
I'm definitely sure that this post makes you want to go to Vikings! :) Check out their rates above!

You may also see their page here

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  1. Buffet rates are so affordable! =)

    1. Super worth girl! From the appetizers down to desserts! :)

  2. Hi :) I like your post of the Vikings. I discovered about it on and now it is my favorite place to hang out :D


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