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by - November 26, 2014

It's actually a blessing in disguise when Serene Lounge Urban Spa & Massage invited us to drop by and check their place out. It was the day where we finished our badminton tournament and boyfie and I were really exhausted and want to crawl back going home. And this is such a treat to calm our muscles out!
 As we enter the place, We were welcomed with fragrant minty clean smell of their receiving
 area with the soothing music on their background.
I also adore the earth color interiors that were selected for their customers. I mean, just by entering the place, 
you'll feel relaxed already! Also this center piece on their table caught my attention!
 The mild lighted place is perfect to make to make the ambiance of the place calm and soothing at the same time.
 And some food for the brains too! :D
 Moving on, we were given a sheet of paper where we indicate the needed information about us. It's so nice of them that there's a illustration where you can indicate a spot where you want them to put more attention.
 Different oils to be used according to your preference. Take your pick! Their oil doesn't leave my skin sticky! :)
Mental Clarity - has a mild mind scent
Stress Relief - smells like the ordinary oil but with a touch of some essence
Sweet Dreams - Lighty scented oil that smells like a flower. I choose this one! Smells really good!
Energy Booster - For some reason, it reminded me of some herb scented oil.
Sports Therapy - Breezy and cool smelling scented oil!
 The pathway going to the massage area. There are 7 rooms in total. 2 private rooms where you can enjoy the massage together with your partner, while the remaining rooms are provided for individuals that likes to have more privacy.
 The couples room was connected with each other and has divider of a curtain. But basically, the room is equipped with the necessity that you'll be needing in the massage. The staffs were excellent and impeccable. They were really polite and courteous. They were very hands on and always checks if the massage pressure they are giving are according to our preferences. "That" stroke in my left back was spot on and really releases my stress away! Especially when the therapist (yes, all of their masseurs were all trained) massages my head, I'm knocked down and fell asleep! The next thing I knew is that, my session was already finished! haha!
 One thing I also loved is this beautiful restroom! See how beautiful is their restroom? Is that even a restroom at all? Everything was spic and span. One of the nicest and coziest spa I've been to!
 Located at Madison Square Building in San Juan Greenhills. (In front of Little Baguio Terraces Condominium)
Stressed Out? Better Check out Serene Lounge Urban Spa and Massage the soonest and try their Signature massages! For more details, you can check their page here

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