Paella Festival 2014 at Kapitan Moi Main Hall Marikina!

by - November 26, 2014

Paella Festival is being celebrated worldwide and we are starting to celebrate this festive event to join the gastronomic food experience with rice lovers out there! YEAH!
 Last week, Paella Festival 2014 was celebrated in Kapitan Moi Main Hall in Marikina City
to showcase the different Paellas brought by Song and Lydda's!
 It was my first time entering the Kapitan Moi Hall, too bad I wasn't able to take the picture outside since it's drizzling that moment but it's literally the classic building that Jose Rizal and Maria Clara used to have when they are still living. hehe. 
 Kidding aside, the place inside was classic, huge and well ventilated.
 There were dancers that represent different ethnic groups.
 It reminded us during our grade school days where we used to perform during school activities. hehe!
 The Paella Buffet was served with the famous Lechon. Oh how I love the super crispy belly!
 Some Korean Beef Stew and Kansi (photo above)
 Korean Paella, Indian Paella, Paella Negra Marinara, Japanese Paella, Chinese Kiampong Paella and Spanish and Korean Paella that I wasn't able to take some shots because of the crowds in the buffet. hehe!
 I really had fun trying out a LOT of Paella in one sitting. But my personal favorite that took me by surprise was the Indian Paella. The distinct spices it has stood out from the rest and makes the Paella really flavorful. Kanin pa lang, Ulam na! Not to mention with the freshest seafoods and lechon on the side! :D
I'm surprised that there's actually a lot of things that you can do with Paella. Different variations, differ in preparations but same delicious flavor. It was such a huge success, Can't wait for Paella 2015! :)

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  1. Thank you for coming Miss Teta! See you next year! :) <3 We're definitely cooking up something neat! :p


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