Mama Chit's @ Marikina!

by - November 07, 2014

Since I'm trying to explore Marikina one step at a time, we decided to try this famous food hub in Marikina ---  
Mama Chit's.
 Mama Chit's is widely popular in the area. Not only they are in business for a long time already, but the famous for their gigantic burger! You might even watch that episode when Kris Aquino and Kim Chiu visited the place.
 The place has this classic Americanized vibe. The old school picture frames,
and antique memorabilias are actually interesting!
 The place may be a bit small but they also offer al fresco dining. The servers were so-so. I would be nice if they will be more cheerful and friendly.
Onion Rings (80 pesos) - Thick chunks of onions covered in a crispy batter that was served hot! It's good! But I wished they had garlic ranch/mayo for this one. But nevertheless, I loved this!
 Cheese Burger (100 pesos) - It's not actually the first burger that they served to us. The first one has soft wilted vegetables. But when my sister told them that I will use it for my blog, the second burger they served has really crisp veggies. haha! I don't want to show the other burger, but it's really funny! hehe. Taste wise, it's okay. Not bad for 100 pesos burger. :)
 Creamy Pesto (150 pesos) - Since it's creamy pesto, the pesto is generously flavored with cream which my brother loved since he's not a hard core pesto eater. But a dash of salt would help to put more taste on this one.
 Nacho Salad (180 pesos) - But this is what I enjoyed terribly! Sour Cream flavored tortilla chips on a heaping amount of tomato, apples, sweet and sour sauce, carrots, lettuce, beef and parmesan cheese! The chips were really good on its own. It reminded me of Lays Chips. (It is really "that" good!), but what more if it was topped with these ingredients. I can't wait to eat this one again!
 Here's Mama Chit's affordable menu.

Check out their page here

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