Experiencing British Goodness @ The Royal Piccadilly!

by - December 01, 2014

Katipunan Area is probably one of the place that I am familiar with. Considering that I'm not even good with places (haha!) But then again, it came to me as a surprise when Zomato Philippines invited us to a dinner at  
The Royal Piccadilly (Restaurant and Cakery).
Who would have thought that there's a hidden gem situated near Petron Gas Station? For those who are not familiar, there's a Petron Station near Ateneo along C.P Garcia, you will first notice the Jollibee and Bruno Barbers in that area. Just look at the second floor and then you will see The Royal Piccadilly.
The place will instantly transport you to a different place. A cakery and a pub into one.
Warm colored hues and different memorabilias to brighten up the place!
Different tea pots and ceramics that came all the way to London
Look how cute is this one!
Or you prefer this tiny motorcycle?
You might even ask, they also offer local and international beers!
Ofcourse, a cakery will not be complete without these various selections of pastries!
Moving on with the food, above photo is the scrumptious treats awaiting for us!
We were first served a freshly made popcorn and chips. Ohhh how I loved smelling the aroma of popping kernels!
They have a wide variety of drinks to choose from. Boyfie and I tried the Lemon and Ginger and it was quite refreshing. But I heard the brewed tea is their must try! :)
Coronation Chicken Salad- Fresh crisp and green veggies topped with mango slices, shredded chicken, grapes, then tossed in their curry dressing. One of the dishes that we loved that night especially boyfie (and take note that he's not even a fan of veggies). The unique curry dressing makes the dish really interesting. Not overpowering and made it just right. If there's one thing to say about this is that, the presentation can be improved, but taste wise, it's spot on!
Bangers and Mash (240 pesos) - Homemade sausage that was named after the way they were cooking the sausages during war wherein the sausage will burst and bang while cooking. What stood out from the rest is the DELICIOUS mashed potato. Probably one of the nicest mashed potato that I've tried. Everyone also agreed that it's really delicious.
Meat Pies (175 pesos alone) with Mashed Potato (250 pesos) - Another must try! Everything was homemade. 
The crust of the pie was perfectly flaky and crispy!
And the innards? They didn't skimp on ingredients! Look how meaty is that pie!
Fish and Chips (250 pesos) - Surely stunned all of us! It's the mother of all the fish and chips! Since they are serving British foods, expect that the serving size was huge. That's the biggest fish fillet I've ever seen! Boyfie thought that it was whole coated fish (because it does shaped like a fish at all)
But inside were purely a fresh fillet. You can even see how thick is their fish on their fillet! 
Not just coating, but a legit fish inside. haha!
Braised Lamb Shank (585 pesos) - Definitely my favorite that night! Really tender lamb in a creamy savory sauce. You don't even need a knife to cut this one. Every bite is worth it. Make sure to get this one on your next visit!
Baby Back Ribs (prices may vary) - Super love the color combination of this dish. Really pleasant to the eyes! hehe! The prices on their ribs may vary since it depends on the size of the delivery each day.
You may also ask them to slice the ribs for you! :)
Feeling fancy over the day? Why not grab your friends to have a tea party? This Knights Bridge Tea Set (199 pesos) - is made up of 2 sultanas scones with whipped butter and jam, 1 puffin, 1 caramel bar / mini cupcake and a pot of tea.
The very kind and jolly owner of The Royal Piccadilly Ms. Chello, was hands on during our stay. 
She taught us how to use the tea set timer, really cool! :D
This is the timer of the tea set. Depending on the type of tea, corresponds a number
of seconds where you will let the tea sets for a while.
Apart from the scones and puffins that was served, why not pair it up with this adorable Rainbow Cake? (125/slice)
We also got the chance to taste their Butter Beer. It actually tasted like what I expected. 
Soda infused with Caramel! :D
 And how about these adorable cupcakes perfect for giveaways? (Hazelnut Raspberry Reindeer, Hot Chocolate, Earl Grey Christmas Tree, Red Velvet Holly, Chocolate Marshmallow Snowman, Frozen Vanilla) Really cute! :)
Another personal favorite of mine is this Puffins! (Chocolate and Cream, Dark Chocolate & Brandy Cream, Strawberry and Cream, Orange Cointreau & Dark Chocolate)

The Royal Piccadilly Menu

Make sure to visit them anytime soon, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Check their page here

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