Cravings Group + Di Bella Coffee now in Manila!

by - November 06, 2014

There are lots of coffee chains around the Metro where you can grab your instant coffee fix. But admit it, there are really times when you feel tired of ordering the same coffee over and over again. But worry no more, since the premium Australian coffee indulgence is now in the Philippines!
Together with the Cravings Group as they brews exciting partnership with Di Bella Coffee - Australia's best specialty coffee brand and one of the finest in the world as they bring top-notch authentic coffee experience for everyone.
 Phillip Di Bella - the owner of Di Bella's coffee was dubbed as Australia's "Coffee King" is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who has raised the standards followed by coffee farmers and Australia’s coffee industry in general.  We found out that, aside from bringing his premium coffee here in the Philippines, his other mission is to do his "crop to cup" philosophy in the Philippines as stated below.
“With this partnership, the Philippine coffee industry also stands to gain so much. Di Bella is very intent in supporting The Cravings Group educate and train local farmers with ethical, sustainable coffee bean-growing practices. By learning and adapting such renowned leadership, excellence and expertise, Filipino coffee farmers will have the opportunity to learn and eventually harvest the best-quality, locally-grown beans which in turn give Filipinos the best cup experience.” - Marinela G. Trinidad, CEO of The Cravings Group.
 The crowd was wild and filled with excitement as they share us the coffee and cake tasting that was held in Epicurious Shangrila Mall.
 Even the servers were on their biggest smile to let us try different samples of mouth watering pastries by Cravings!
 This is just one side of the table filled with sinful yet enjoyable treats. If you are trying to avoid the sweet temptation then, it's time for you to freely close the tab since below images will bring you to cloud 9 of sweet tooth haven experience!
 Cake Pops, Rainbow Cakes, Chocolate Nibbles, Salted Caramel Tarts!
 Crispy Pugod Banana Baked Chip covered in chocolate!
 Another aplenty sinful display!
 That chocolate cake with bacon is surely a must try for everyone! Imagine a soft fudgy chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache with crispy bacon dipped in dark chocolate! YES?? YES!!!
 This Salted Caramel Yema Balls took me by surprise since I didn't expect that it will turn out "that" good! A thin crispy layer of caramel on a soft yema balls will give you a pleasurable delight!
 I've been a fan of Salted Caramel ever since because I really enjoy the in the between flavor of sweet and salty treats in one. But too bad I wasn't able to try this one. Because my eyes was magnetized on their.....
Yema Cake! Moist chocolate cake crumbs in between the layers of thick caramel sauce!
 I was ecstatic trying out this one, but boyfie managed to enjoy this by himself! -_-
 Baby Brookies - Salted pretzels dipped in chocolate then rolled in almonds
 Another classic favorite! Freshly baked Croissants with chocolate!
I also enjoyed these mini pizzas! Since it was small, the crust is soft yet crispy then generously topped with savory ingredients!
 I will not deny to you guys that this is one of my favorite events I've been to! I mean, you know how badly I loved sweets. But from all the gorgeous display of sweet treats for us, this popcorn was my favorite! Made up of Dark Chocolate, Almond Slivers, Chunks of Almonds, Bits of Chocolate and some hint of Salted Caramel in-between. Reminded me of my favorite popcorn - Poppycock! This popcorn really blew me away!
  Now, this lavish event will not be complete without pairing it with a good cup of Di Bella Coffee right?
 We were advised to try their coffee and don't put any sugar to enjoy the full bodied flavor of Di Bella Coffee. True enough, together with Mr. Philip Di Bella's friend who let us try their coffee, we really enjoyed the coffee on its own even without the sugar. The smooth bitter sweet coffee of Di Bella is surely a match made in heaven for the sweets provided by Cravings! Mind you, I had 2 cups of coffee and I want to make a 3rd round but boyfie said I might not able to get to some sleep that night!
 "A big part of making consistently excellent coffee is also an excellent and knowledgeable barista,” she enthused. “With Di Bella standard of training of our baristas, our customers are assured that each cup is flavorful, lovingly made, and perfect to the last sip.” -Maui Mauricio, Brand Manager for The Coffee Beanery (TCB)
 Imagine the smile on my face when I tried these desserts? :)
  Just please don't ask me about how many times we go back to get another round of these! haha!
These pictures doesn't lie and you really can see how impressive are these pastries by Cravings! (Which are available in Cravings branches out there) While the Di Bella’s specialty coffee will be exclusively available in all Cravings Group restaurant chains – Cravings, Epicurious, Lucia Ristorante, Lombardi’s, C2 Classic Cuisine, B&P, The Blackboard by Chef Michel and The Coffee Beanery (TCB) outlets nationwide. 
See for yourself and taste the difference! :)

See Cravings page here
See Di Bella Coffee page here

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  1. hi. I would like to ask if the desserts are unlimited and how much? thank you

    1. Hello Sharla! :)

      Sad to say, these treats were not unlimited. But you can buy it ala carte on different Cravings outlet near you. Thanks for dropping by dear! :)


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