Comfort Food Goodness @ Cops and Robbers San Juan! :)

by - November 12, 2014

It just started as a small talk where my High School Barkada commented on my Instagram photo and told me to catch up with each other because there's a particular restaurant where She wanted to visit.
Like my usual routine, I always check online reviews before visiting a restaurant to know more about the place and set my expectations. But surprisingly, I didn't see any reviews at all. Then my friend informed me that the place was newly opened. And my friend confesses that one of the owners of the restaurant is his crush, -- Jake Ejercito. Then there goes the history! haha!
Cops and Robbers was easy to spot on, it is strategically situated in front of Xavier School in San Juan, Greenhills. (Well, around 20 footsteps away).
The location was really spacious and well ventilated. The place wasn't cramped so their customers will have a comfortable stay. Al fresco dining is also provided for those who are wondering. I loved the high ceiling with the yellow pipes to give the place an edgier look! To give some justice with their "Cops and Robbers" theme, the servers were also wearing a police-like uniform! How cute!
Not to mention the graffiti of this thug cat! haha! It was still on the finishing touches that time, but look at the details! I find that cat really cute, but what wowed me is...
..Seeing this entire wall filled with creative drawings. Really impressive!
They also have this hanging wanted pictures on the side!
 Another interesting to do there is to strike a pose inside their jail room. 
But don't worry, Spiderman is there to keep you company! haha!
And last but not the least, make some instagram worthy mugshots here on their backdrop while holding your signage. There's props on the side where you can try! :)
Another cool stuff is the different goodies you can purchase on the counter. Perfect for barkada snacks while enjoying your friends' company.
And look at this display! Marvels for the boys, and play doh for little girl. I think this is purely genius. If you go there with your little ones, and they see these, how can you say no to them?
The service was great. They are friendly and really polite. Everyone was hands-on to our needs. Good job guys! :)
The menu was placed on every table, just go directly on the counter if ever you are ready to order.
Mason jars are the cutest right?
Pepperoni Pizza (275 pesos) - Super thin pizza crust layered with tomato sauce, heaping amount of cheese, pepperoni and pesto as a garnish. We all first thought that the serving size was small. But upon trying all the dishes we ordered, we were shocked since we didn't expect that we will be full like that! It's really filling! 
(Take note, we had some leftovers as to-go after)
Chicken Pesto (220 pesos) - What I noticed with their foods is that, they didn't skimp on every ingredient. This Chicken Pesto was a bit bland for my liking, but my friend told me that it's perfectly fine for her taste buds. (I guess, I really loved salty foods that's why. hehe). But nevertheless, I still enjoyed this dish especially the generous amount of chicken slices. I have tried lots of Chicken Pesto ever since, but this is the only pesto that perfectly nailed the chicken! Really flavorful and tender!
Sisig Pizza (295 pesos) - This is surely the highlight of our meal. It's definitely a crime if you will not order this one. All along it's like the ordinary pizza dough topped with sisig meats, but no! The pizza itself didn't rely on the meat alone. It has the flavorful sauce with gooey melted cheese, and savory sisig meat. Not to mention the egg placed on top to give it the authentic sisig experience. I'm telling you, this is really AWESOME! Again, MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THIS ONE! :o
Lechon Macau (185 pesos) - They have various rice meals to choose from, and this one caught our attention. 
6 pieces of crispy pork slices topped with lechon sauce. I was actually impressed with the crispiness of this one. Even though it has been sitting on our table for a long time already because of our endless talks, this one remains crackling good!
Wings (145 pesos) - Okay, this one really shocked us. All along, I thought they will be just serving us wings, but to our surprised, there's a rice included with it. And for 145 pesos? It's really sulit!!! Picture shows a 2 piece of wings, but it reality, it has 3 wings. That dish costs for only 145 pesos. 3 huge wings smothered in their hickory sauce. My only comment on this one is that, it was a bit undercooked inside. But nevertheless, we really enjoyed the crispy chicken wings with their perfectly sweet and tangy hickory sauce.
Mozarella Inside (190 pesos) - A nosey little me saw the customer on the other table that ordered this one. 
I can't help it, even though we're full that time. We can't ignore this burger presented in a box. Really nice since it gives that rustic presentation on that dish.
We can't deny the fact that we also enjoyed this burger! Who can resist a gooey mozarella burger inside this thick burger patty. The burger patty was already good on its own, but what more if you placed a mozarella inside? The burger has this full bodied flavor that everyone will surely enjoy.
Boyfie and Tetadventurer really had a good time. Nice ambiance, great food and impressive service. 
What more can we ask for?
Dear Jake, my friend Allaine was a bit disappointed that she didn't see you that time, but she said that she still had amazing moment! She's hoping to see you on her next visit. ;)
Hungry? Check out Cops and Robbers menu above for more details. Make sure to drop by at the place. 
It's a perfect spot for your family and friends to catch up while enjoying your favorite comfort foods! I can't wait to try their Sisig Oyster! :D

Check out their page here

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  1. So cute! Love the name actually because it was my fave childhood game

  2. this looks like an interesting place to dine. thanks for sharing dear. say would you like to follow each other? just let me know on my blog =)

  3. Ang lapit lang nito sa amin teta!!!:))))))


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