CCA Cup: Clash of the Clans 2014 Media Launch!

by - November 03, 2014

I'm IT Specialist by profession, but deep within me, I'm really a foodie. I have wanted to enter Culinary School ever since. Not just for the love of food, but with my eagerness to create mouth watering dishes especially pastries! haha! And there's no other popular school that can create delectable foods than CCA.
 CCA Manila is the pioneer in the Philippines when it comes to school that educates and teaches students with their top notch quality education with modern and upscale facilities. Now, to promote their culinary excellence and solidarity, they are having the most awaited CCA Cup: Clash of the Clans now on its 2nd year.
 Each team will fight for the most coveted trophy!
The floor was filled with laughter and competitiveness to put a mark on their respected teams to bring out the best in the culinary masters of the future. "This event aims not only to recognize the next champion chefs, but also to promote a culture of friendly competition, strategy, and cutting edge culinary challenge" - Ms. Marinela Trinidad, President of CCA Manila.
 Culinary Champions
 Gastronomic Gurus
 Meal Masters
 Kitchens Kings...
 Who was the last year's winners! Hmmm. Who will it be this time?
 Each Team prepared their own banners, cheers, props to represent their respective houses. Together with fellow bloggers, we were given the chance to participate in the event and prepare a plated salad using the variety of ingredients given. The catch is, aside that it is timed challenge to get the ingredients we needed, we must consume everything and make sure there's no left over or else there's a deduction. For 10 minutes we should able to present our dish. I really enjoyed that moment. I felt that we are in Master Chef's Kitchen. hahah!
 Too bad we didn't win, but we are the second placer so I'm still happy! YAY!
 I was paired up with these high spirited and jolly Gastronomic Gurus lead by Chef Tim. Too bad I don't have the picture with them while we're still in action. BUT!!!
I was able to have some #groupie with the team. :)

After the event, they let us try the winning dish from last year's CCA Cup:
 Modern Beef Ulam - Braised Chocolate Durian Beef Shortribs 
by Carlo Santos / Miguel Lorino of Culinary Champions.
 Modern Chicken Inasal - Smoked Grill Chicken Inasal Confit
by Jennica Sy / Miguel Lorino of Culinary Champions
 Modern Rellenong Bangus - Poached Bangus Relleno with Cranberry & Blueberry
by Angelica Nulud / Chelsea Habal of Kitchen Kings
 Modern Tokwa't Baboy - Yakiniku and Tokwa with pickled radish
by Ken Alday of Gastronomic Gurus
Re-inventing Tablea - Tablea Molten Lava Cake & Mint Chocolate Mousse
by Karla Pia Cardenas / Phoeby Dy of Meal Masters
I'm sure I don't need to tell you how good is their dishes since the pictures speaks for itself. So this coming November 28, 2014 at the CCA Oceana SM by the Bay Mall of Asia for the Grand Cook Off competition of different groups to be viewed by thousands of culinary enthusiasts. Not only that, they will also offer activities such as cooking workshops, lectures, game booths and hourly raffles! Early birds registrants will get a VIP passes for a limited access to meet and greet, autograph signing and photo taking sessions with CCA's Celebrity Alumni and Guest Chefs. 

This event is open to all, those who are interested, 
make sure to pre-register for a VIP Pass on

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