The Famous 5 Layer Cake of Lucca Bakery @ UP Town Center! :)

by - October 09, 2014

Been eyeing on this place, especially with the raves I've heard with their 5 layer chocolate cake! :o
Lucca Bakery has a branch in SM Mega Fashion hall as well.
Pretty small. I can imagine this place so cramped on lunch time. But the interiors were pretty.
Chick wooden interiors with luscious breads on display.
A couple of customers that time. But this place gets packed during peak hours! It was satisfactory. Our order came so-so when it comes to time. The server was smiling all the time. But they gave us a dirty plate. Yikes.
As soon as we arrived, I'm already sneaking on these gorgeous cakes!
Pesto (245 pesos) - I've checked their menu online and I saw that there's no pesto. And to my surprised, they do have pesto! Honestly, I have high standards when it comes to pesto, and this one was disappointing. It tastes like the ready made pesto sauce for me. It's too bland as well. And we were all surprised that the serving size of the pesto was relatively small compared to the other pasta. It was just OK for a regular eater person alone.
Mushroom Cream (245 pesos) - Though we were disappointed with Pesto, this one saves the day! The pasta cooked al dente with flavorful cream, with mushrooms. I enjoyed this a lot since they didn't skimp on the ingredients! And take note, it was almost twice of the serving size of the pesto. A dash of salt will improve the dish. Not sure if it's because I liked salty foods, though
Meat Extreme (345 pesos) - I enjoyed this, the meat pizza ingredients are the real deal. It's not the processed ham or something, they really topped it with "real" ham, meatballs and bacon. Italian style pizza with tangy flavor. But not too much!  The downside is that, the dough was too soft. You can't eat it with your bare hands since the crust will slide down together with the ingredients. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed this.
5 layer chocolate cake - For 95 pesos, this one was sulit. Really meant for sharing. Fudgy 5 layer cake with salted caramel inbetween, with thick bittersweet icing on the side. It was served to us chilled. But I preferred it to be served at room temperature so I can eat and enjoyed the fudgy sticky icing.
Their menu. Overall, This is a torn review for me. It's a 4/5 for me. I would love to give this place a 5, only if the Pesto was good. But I'll still pay this place another visit! :)

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