Must Visit Place in Marikina: Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cafe

by - October 03, 2014

Come to think of it, Marikina is just near my location that I haven't thought of exploring the place. I was actually wondering why I'm not doing a Marikina Food Trip with boyfie. Luckily, my sister has been just around the area and I decided to tag along with her.
 We first visited Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cafe - You might not notice the place since from the outside, it was actually small but I'm telling you, this is a place you shouldn't miss when you are doing a Marikina Food Trip.  
(The landmark in just actually in front of Pan de Amerikana.)
The lovely gorgeous owner of the place Melissa, is an Interior Designer that was really accommodating
and very kind. No wonder everything is posh!
 Cakes on display will welcome you as you enter. Too bad customers hoarded all of the cakes that night since it's payday (haha), but I promised myself to come back again and try their best seller Turple Pie! :)
Apart from the bakeshop is the restaurant itself.  I honestly didn't expect that the place is 'that' beautiful! 
The interiors were really classy and glamorous. The place was really spacious and well maintained. I didn't nail this shot since there are diners that time, but you'll see what I mean when you visited the place. Perfect for catching up with friends, family meal, or perfectly perfect with dates! It's really beautiful!
 Freshly made breads are also on their display..
 Plus these sweets treats too! I've heard their cronuts is one of their best sellers too!
 Aside from the air conditioned restaurant, they also have numbers of al fresco dining spaces.
 Perfect for large groups, meetings or even for the smokers foodies out there.
 Caprisserrie also caters event spaces for birthdays and other celebrations. (Photo is just a portion of it)
 Okay, Let's go to their foods! Iced Tea to freshen us up. :D
 Bangus Sisig - One of their bestseller. And you MUST try this one as well. I have tried different Bangus Sisig and by far, this is the best Bangus Sisis ever. I am a fan of seasoning (Knorr) but I didn't bother to put even just a small amount since the Bangus Sisig was good on its own! Every spoonful was divine! The tangy calamansi juice on the fish plus the fatty trimmings was equally sinful, yet healthy at the same time!
 Sticky Wings - As the name implies, it's really a sticky wings. I believed it was tossed in a honey that creates it a sticky texture, but it really complimented well with the crispy wingies! Again, it was served with garlic ranch on the side, but I didn't bother putting some on my wingies since I enjoyed the sweet and the crispy combination on its own. I suddenly missed their wings while writing this review. :(
We tried their Ensaymada, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Green Tea Cookie and Macadamia Cheesecake. I truly enjoyed everything, especially the cakes! You know that I'm such a sweet tooth and cakes are definitely my weakness! The Red Velvet Cheesecake was one of the most velvety cakes I've tried. The balance cream cheese on each layer gives a spoonful of enjoyment. 
 BUT, the star for me that time was the Macadamia Cheesecake. GAAAAHD. It was exceptional! The cheesecake was smooth and has subtle texture. I'm never a fan of Speculoos flavor since the gingerbread flavor was a bit odd for my liking. Take note, this cheesecake has a ginger bread crust and I was really surprised and didn't expect that I will go gaga on this one. Since we can't consume everything because of time frame, we decided to have this for take out. And guess what? I continue eating this Macadamia Cheesecake as soon as I sat down in the car. HAHAHA! (Now you know it's that good!)
 And did I mention that this lavish place is surprisingly affordable? :) First try of our Marikina Food Trip was indeed a memorable experience. Too bad for other restaurant that I already set a high standard because of Capriserrie. I can't wait to bring boyfie here and try their other goodies! And remember, Your Marikina Food Trip is not complete without trying Caprisserie! :)

Check their page here

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  1. Nice. My mom lives in Marikina and I'm planning to do a Marikina Food Trip. Have you watched Kris TV's version of food trip in Marikina? It's a guide for us. :)

    1. Hello Em,

      Yes, I have watched Kris TV when they went to Marikina for a food trip! I was amazed that there's a lot of food stops in Marikina. Can't wait to visit and explore the entire place. Let me know and share with me your experience in your upcoming food trip. And oh, make sure to include Capriserrie on the list. Really worth it! :)


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