Healthy Recipes for Christmas Season by Century Tuna!

by - October 16, 2014

Barely 2 months to go before Christmas, we will indulge ourselves again with delicious and sinful foods on our table. But isn't better if we have something delicious and healthy at the same time? Is it possible? Ofcourse!!!
Familiar with those 2 gorgeous bodies at the back? Sponsored by Century Tuna, they invited bloggers for a fun and interactive cooking show! Oh boy, I was really excited. As you see, I have a chef within me! I wanted to be a chef when I was in college, but my parents told me to pursue Information Technology (hehe, okay moving on)..
 It was graced with different bosses from Century Tuna. What's so good about this is that, Century Tuna, now comes with Easy Open can! No need to bring can opening, just lift the tin, then viola! Enjoy the healthy goodness of the tuna!
 Each table has different kinds of ingredients to create different 5 dishes!
The bloggers were split into different groups. Above photo is my group together with bloggers of Travel on Shoe String and Mad House Manila together with Chef Apple to guide us.
 The event was also sponsored by Vita Coco. Pure Coconut Water, No preservatives, and really refreshing!
 Baked Ziti, Risotto Balls with Marinara Sauce, Tuna Empanada, Macaroni Salad, Bangus Ala Madrilena all possible with Century Tuna! Who would've thought that all of these can be made using Century Tuna? I'll be sharing with you the recipes c/o Century Tuna! It's very easy! Let's start?
I haven't taken the picture of the Macaroni Salad, but all of the instruction was very easy and easy to follow. What is Christmas without Macaroni Salad right? :)
 Century Tuna Baked Ziti - Pasta is usually a must in every celebration. Why not try the recipe below for a healthy version of Pasta? We used spicy tuna on this one. In case there's a kid in your household, you may opt to use the original Century Tuna in Flakes and Oil. :)
Another easy and fun dish to do!  Layers of tuna, pasta and melted cheese! Nom!
 Century Tuna Vienna Sausage Corndogs - Honestly, it's quite new to me to see that century tuna has Vienna Sausage since they are wide popular for Tuna. But not anymore! They already have Vienna Sausages.
Another interactive way and bonding also with the kiddos at home. Ask them to put the toothpicks in the sausages, dipped in the batter, then fry it (not the kids ofcourse).
 Bangus Ala Madrilena - By looking at the picture, you wouldn't even know that it came from a can! We used the gourmet bangus fillet of Cenutry Tuna on this one, and follow the recipe below. See how gorgeous is that dish?
The dish may look so complicated but it's really easy to do!
Risotto Balls with Marinara Sauce - I honestly didn't quite expect that this dish will turn out really good! In fact, this is my favorite of all the dishes we've made!
Make sure to follow the recipes above. It's really one of a kind dish! (Especially the Marinara Sauce!)
Century Corned Tuna Empanada - I had fun making this one. It was my first time creating and molding a dough and got very nice feedback from everyone. I was really overwhelmed when Chef Apple said I'm doing a great job and the fastest learner she met. *blush* I guess that's the effect of being a Master Chef fanatic. lols. 
 Aside from the fact that you can enjoy these by yourselves, a lot of people were doing empanada for their business. Good product yet small capital! hehe!
 I was also blessed to be the winner of that day's cooking show. :)
Second Batch of Century Tuna's Super Cooks! What are you waiting for? Grab those recipes and try making it using Century Tuna! :)

You can check their page here

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  1. Hi Tet! I like to try Century Tuna Vienna Sausage Corndogs and Risotto Balls with Marinara Sauce. I guess my kids would love them. :)

    1. Hey Em!

      I'm pretty sure the kiddos will love the Century Tuna Vienna Sausage Corndogs! They can even help you doing the steps, instant bonding! hehe! Let me know once you tried the Risotto Balls! That's my fave! :)


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