Great Tasting Burgers @ Frank and Charles in Taytay Rizal

by - October 21, 2014

The majority of my blog post were from Manila. I barely don't post from my hometown, which is Rizal. As much as I want to post and promote the area, there's nowhere to be found restaurants or a hole in a wall in our place. If ever there's something decent that we would like to eat, the nearest is to go to the mall to grab something to eat.
 Who would have thought that this good looking burger over there can be found in Taytay Rizal? 
Just a kembot away from our home. So that's a good news for me and boyfie! :)
 Frank & Charles is located in Taytay Rizal (a couple of steps from Puregold Taytay) is a laid back food hub 
that is perfect spot to chill and catch up with friends. I actually discovered this place through friends who were 
posting on their facebook pages and made me eager to visit this place.
 I told boyfie to be ready since the place was usually packed from what I expected. And I was right, it was jam packed when we arrived. But still, I really loved the place. It was well ventilated and the ambiance of the place was in theme for the upcoming Halloween too!
 They also have al fresco dining where boyfie and I decided to stay to avoid the crowd inside and enjoy each others company. Electric fans were also provided outside so no need to worry, plus the fresh air too!
 The servers were good. They were friendly and prompt to our needs despite of the huge number of customers.
 Aside from the set meals, they also offer free flowing drinks for additional 45 pesos. 
So it's sulit! Beer is also included in that offer!
 I settled for the set meals, and boyfie upgraded his drinks to unlimited since boyfie loves red tea. 
Unfortunately, He just had one round of Red Tea since there's no more refill available anymore. :(
 Mid Spicy Wings (150 pesos) - I loved that their dishes was served on a wooden board to give it a rustic look. 
As for the wings, this one was just okay for us. The spiciness is just right, but it's too sour for our liking.
 Cheesy Mushroom (210 pesos --upgraded price already) - Look at that gorgeous burger! I loved that the vegetables were fresh and crisp. It was generously topped with mushroom and cheese! nom!
 Frank and Charles Original (115 pesos) - I am torn between ordering the Aloha or this one. I asked for their best seller and they told me that it's their Frank and Charles Original so I ordered this one. It was equally good as well! The meat was flavorful and juicy. Plus the hefty amount of the oozing cheese. But you know what I didn't expect that I will go gaga over? It's their crinkle cut fries! Soft inside, yet crispy on the outside! Really sinful! 
 Overall, We really had a wonderful time visiting this place. It's really nice that there's a place where we can eat good food near our place, and not to mention that it's really affordable! :)

Check out their page here

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  1. Wow! I love burgers.

    How can we go there from Cubao?

    1. Hello Em,

      If you're coming from Cubao, ride a jeepney that has "Angono" signage. Then ask the driver to drop you at Puregold Taytay. From there, it's around 5 minutes walking distance, but you can ride a tricycle and ask them to bring you at Frank and Charles. :)

    2. Thanks Tet! I'll include this on my "To-Try List".

  2. Hi Tet! I'm from Antipolo and I want to try this place. Mahunting nga yan. hehehe

    1. Ay talaga??? We're so near with each other lang pala! I lived in Binangonan. HAHAH! Gow for it, konting kembot lang from Antipolo! :)

  3. I've been there for the first time a couple of weeks ago.. saw a few lapses but overall a good place that serves good burgers. Nice review btw. :)

    - Amyxal

    1. Hey Amyxal_Villa!

      I agree. The place can be improved but overall, it's good and affordable! :)


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