Celebrate National Pasta Month with Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta! :)

by - October 20, 2014

Probably one of the most famous AND delicious meal all around the world is Pasta. I mean, pasta is the most versatile and easy to cook dish. And did you know that we are celebrating the National Pasta Month around the globe?
 Now to give us a background with different wonders of pasta, the only Artisan Quality here in the Philippines. It is sourced straight from ITALY, Dona Elena Al Dente pasta will blow us away and show us that true high quality pasta!
 Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is made using high quality, 100% durum wheat semolina or hard wheat ingredients. The pasta made from Durum wheat is the ONLY one can be considered al dente. Who would want a mushy soft pasta anyway? Personally, I really loved al dente pasta "that" firm to the bite feeling. And did you know that, al dente pasta is healthier than the regular ones since it can be easily digested than the regular ones? :)
 One must have in our household was Dona Elena Olive Oil. We usually have the Pure Olive Oil, and this is the only time I noticed that they have 2 other variants as well.
Ms. MJ Cordova graciously started the event and gives us the program proper on that one fine "al dente" afternoon.
Karen also told us that Dona Elena Al Dente pasta was undergone a slow drying process and not subjected to high heat since this method tends to preserve the nutrients more than food cooked at high heat.
 One of the interesting thing I found out is that, Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is using the Italian Tradition of making pasta with the use of Special Bronze Dies (other pasta were using Teflon Dies). What's the difference between the two? Bronze Dies require much harder and higher quality Durum Wheat in order to make the pasta.
 We were given samples of pasta that have undergone Bronze Dies and the Teflon Dies. We found out that the bronze dies pasta leaves a rough surface that creates ridges on the pasta. It helps the sauce cling better to the pasta and making it more delicious and flavorful like Dona Elena Al Dente pasta. (I was actually amazed to feel the regular pasta versus the Bronze Dies pasta)
 Chef Davide Lombardi was the one thought us tips and tricks with pastas. He even thought us simple yet delicious dishes that we can try ourselves at home! A cooking show was also part of the program that makes us even more hungry! hehe!
 Chef Davide gave us a sample of his wonderful creation..
 My favorite would be the Parmigiana Di Melanzane (made from roasted eggplant in
 pomodoro sauce topped with Mozarella and Parmesan Cheese) nom!
Boyfie and I enjoyed the pasta. We really can't just resist pasta! And honest to goodness, 
Dona Elena Al Dente pasta was really ------Al Dente! :)

There's a variety of pasta to choose from in Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta :
Spaghetti-  Definitely a crowd favorite. Kids will surely love the sweet style classic spaghetti on this one!
 Fettuccine - This pasta is perfect for cream based sauces such as Creamy Carbonara. hmmm!!!
 Penne Rigate - This pasta compliments virtually on every sauce especially the sauce with chunky sauce.
Fusilli - My personal favorite! I loved using this one on my pesto (forever favorite!) 
Since the sauce lingers on every spiral of this pasta. :)
Can you guess what did I first make? Pesto! Ahhhh! Mind you, it's better than the ones I've tried from 
"some" (not all ha! haha) restaurants! Nothing beats a fresh basil on a pesto pasta! 
I also tried making Homemade Italian Fennel Sausage served on Penne Pomodoro! See? I have skills on this right? hehe! Craving for pasta? Now, join us as we celebrate National Pasta Month using Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta! :)

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