Best Food Forward this October 11 & 12 at Rockwell Tent Makati!

by - October 02, 2014

The most awaited food fair is back! Filled with different food attractions, foodies will surely delight with different scrumptious food! Best Food Forward on its 4th year, promises its guest that it will be a fun filled and exciting than ever! It will be held this coming October 11 and October 12 at The Rockwell Tent Makati, City.

Aside from the listed sponsor above, what's so good about this event is that, it gives opportunities to new food concessionaire to be known and excel in their foodie businesses.
The media pre-event was held at The Black Board in Podium. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the foods that they served, it was really good! Especially the Pork Belly that came straight from France!

We got some of the food tents that will be participating in the event.
Big Dog's Kitchen - Offering different salivating sandwiches crusted soft bread. It comes with different flavors upon your liking.
I had this BMC (Broccoli, Mushroom and Cheese) Healthier alternative for conscious eater out there. Who says you can't enjoy in a food fair? :)
Roast Pork Sandwich is one of my favorite from their sandwiches. Smothered in their special sauce, sweet onions, fresh cilantro and melted cheese plus layers of pork. Really good!
Love Agnessi -  You'll be surprised to see lots of young entrepreneurs on the event. Bubbly personality of these ladies behind Love Agnessi. They even thought of Love Agnessi as a "pasta sauce" way back, but then, they went back on something they loved doing -- Baking!
No wonder their cookies were really good! Perfect pair with the milk they provided on the side. I loved dunkin' my cookie in the milk! Nom! What I also loved is that they didn't skimp on their ingredients. You will have chunks of macadamia nuts of chocolates on every bite!
Gourmet Garage - A catering service based in Subic, that now can offer your foodie needs in Metro Manila. From different cuisines you like, named it. During the event, they had food shots of Grilled Shrimps with Babaganoush and also Lamb Biryani in Filo Crisp.
My personal favorite would be the Grilled Shrimps with Babaganoush. The shrimps were cooked perfectly plus the spice on the shrimp was spot on. Take note on the event, they will be serving it together with rice.
Kooky Pam - Just like what I've said in my Instagram post, I have to play favorites, but when I tried Kooky Pam's Red Velvet cookie, I knew that it's my favorite the entire event! They have 3 flavors to choose from, Dark Belgian Choco Chip, White Choco Macadamia Oats, and Red Velvet.
You should try the 3 assorted cookies in a pretty girly box. I promise you, their Red Velvet was REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Soft Red Velvet cookie filled with cream cheese inside. Darn! I WAAAANT NOW! :(
Voila Cake Jars - Having those days where you want cake and yet you are in a hurry? Then worry no more because of the genius guys behind Voila Cake Jars! Actually, I was surprised when I saw the contents of the Voila Jars when I do it myself at home. All along it's just a cake mixture at all. But I was wrong.
It was filled with different goodies inside. So how to enjoy Voila Cake Jars? See the simple steps above: Put 6 tablespoons of water, Mix the contents thoroughly, microwave for 1 - 1 1/2 minutes on High setting (without the lid of course) then Voila! Instant cake in a jar! It's really chocolatey and fudgy! My personal favorite is the Belgian Chocolate (Purple Jar) it has huge chocolate nibbles inside that is melted which I really enjoyed. Next time, I'll put ice cream in this one!
Kewpie - Widely popular in Japan, Kewpie is now in the Philippines! Usually it was used in different salads, but surprisingly, they can be used as well in different dishes.
 Kewpie showed us different recipes where we can use the Kewpie Mayonnaise. One of which is the Kewpie Roasted Sesame Pulled Chicken Sandwich and Kewpie Spinach and Artichoke Spread. I am torn between the two dishes, both are equally good!
Lick the Spoon's Deep Dips - One of the scene stealer in the event. They have different varieties to choose from. From Varieties of Bagoong, Pate, Spreads and lots more! I tried everything and I found myself staying on their station because I truly enjoyed it. Especially the Tinapa on Virgin Olive Oil. It was really good! Perfect for rice or even on sotanghon!

The genius guy behind the Lick The Spoon -- Chef Arnold Bernardo. Make sure to catch and have a chit chat with him during the event. You'll learn lots of things from him! :)
The Daily Jusa  - These days, detox is widely popular everywhere.One of which is Daily Jusa which offers different detox juices. You can choose from Vegetables or Fruit.
 Carnation is also there to share some give packs and packed goodies!
Marmalade Kitchen - capped the day with these fudgy chocolate treats. And oh, they offer cooking classes too! See their page here.
Hungry? Make sure to catch them this October 11 and 12 at Best Food Forward in The Rockwell Tent Makati! :)

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