A Taste of New York Pizza at Brooklyn's! :)

by - October 18, 2014

There's a gazillion of pizza chains in the Metro, but to tell you honestly, my favorite would be Brooklyn's Pizza. When it was first introduced by a friend years ago, I instantly fall in love with their pizza!
 Brooklyn's (formerly named as Brooklyn's Pizza) revamp its menu that will surely satisfy your hungry tummies because they don't limit their product to pizza and wings anymore. Yup, you read it right! They already offer rice meals, soups, down to appetizers!
 How cute is their fluffy elephant logo right??
 Since the location of this branch is located more on the residential area, the ambiance and the theme were selected carefully to match the place. You may noticed that the branch in SM North has this graffiti cool in interiors while the Ortigas Branch has this laid back chill spot and so on. :)
 Their newest branch is located in N. Domingo Street San Juan. If you are having a hard time locating the place, it is located in front of Little Baguio Terraces -- A newly built condominium. The landmark I remember is the Petron Station a couple of steps around the area.
 The event was gracefully hosted with Ranch and told us different amazing things about Brooklyn. Especially the new offerings of Brooklyn's!
 And ofcourse, the owner Mr. Johan Sy was also there to give us some trivia regarding Brooklyn. Noticed the wings connected to the Elephant? He told us that it symbolizes the continuity (luck) in the business. How cool is that? :D
 Bloggers in action. The food will always and forever be the star. hehe!
 Squash Soup - It was the first dish to warm up our tummy. I have tried different squash soup way back and this is is real deal. I mean, it's fresh, healthy squash soup. Not the instant powdered soup that you can buy in the market. It even has some tiny bits of squash since everything was made from scratch. Perfect way to start up your meal!
 Buffalo Wings - Oh man, I have to tell you, I'm trying to control myself for munching these but I was too weak. :( It's really good! :'( I think they are one of the best Buffalo Wings I've tried! Imagine a mildly spicy wingies with salty and tangy flavor at the same time on a crispy wingies and garlic ranch on the side? It' sooo good! My tolerance when it comes to spicy food is average and I really loved the balanced flavor of spiciness it has. You will end up wanting for more.
 Deluxe Pizza - All the goodness in one pizza! Generous toppings of vegetable, pepperoni, meat, and gooey cheese! The picture can speak for its self!
Vegetable Pizza - Who says you can't enjoy life to its fullest if you're on a diet? Healthy conscious out there can satisfy their pizza cravings at Brooklyn's!  Fresh and crisp veggies all over the pizza!
 White Pizza - Forgive me if I sinned, but I want to inhale this whole White Pizza. Thanks to my friend who introduces this heaven sent from above! See that hefty amount of cheese? Combo goodness of ricotta, mozarella, and parmesan cheese! HEAVEN! 
This is my picture I uploaded on my Instagram right after it was placed on our table. Best to be eaten when it's hot to savour that melted creamy cheese! NOM!!!
 Being a coffee lover, it really warms my heart when they gave us this cute mugs with their fluffy elephant logo! :)
I was about to use this mug now (upon writing this post) for some coffee and I was completely surprised that all along, there's a hidden treasure inside the mug! This one really made me smile! :)
Hungry for pizza? Make sure to drop by at the nearest Brooklyn's to taste their dishes! Because I personally I have to go back for the White Pesto Pizza that makes me drool just by thinking about it! :o And oh, for those who are wondering, Brooklyn's is now open for franchise. Drop an email here > (franchise@brooklyns.ph)! :)

For more details visit their page here

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