Slammin' Goodness by Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dip!

by - September 07, 2014

Having those crazy moments when you're suddenly craving for burgers? Not just for a particular burger alone but different kinds of varieties in one? I want chicken burger, but I want beef burger at the same time. I liked it with onions, but boyfie is not a fan. I usually experience those feeling during my PMS period. Wouldn't be great if we satisfy ourselves all at once?
 A good burger is best to be shared, but most of the burgers out there come sized for solo eaters, and sharing is always too messy to do so! Well, no need to fret cause Slammin' Burgers + Fries + Dip in Greenhills Promenade (New Wing) solves those issues! -- But they also have branches in Trinoma and Market Market! Formerly known as Slammer's Burger totally revamped its menu and promised to give you a satisfaction on every bite!
 The place is themed with bright and energetic orange interiors.
 This friendly staff will welcome you as you enter. I have to commend this staff. 
She's really polite and vigilant to our needs! Kudos Ate! :)
 I also noticed the spic and span of their kitchen. The staff assure to clean everything every after order.
 Don't forget to follow them and use these props and might be featured on their site!
 The menu of Slammin' Mini Burgers! And oh, don't be fooled with the word "mini". “Mini” doesn’t mean bite-sized; In fact, two Mini Burgers add up to more than your average quarter-pound burger, and three is more than a 1/3-pound burger. That means that even if you’re dining here solo, you’re sure to get your fill. And you can also mix and match burgers with your barkada! The more, the merrier! From Fries, Assorted of Dips, Sidekicks and ofcourse, the burgers!
 In addition to their menu is the limited edition black box series! 
What's so good about this is you can combine different burgers per order! :)
 So upon ordering almost everything (hehe), Ate  prepared our order then do her tricks!
 How can you resist that bubbling gooey cheese? :o
 Are you ready??? ;)
 Beefy Supreme Fries  (125 pesos) - One of the most popular at Slammin' aside from their burger is their Belgian cut fries. It was great on its own, but what more if it's smothered with creamy cheesy, roasted garlic, mayo, beef, tomatoes, and sauteed onions?! What I liked is that, even it was exposed for too long, you can still enjoy it! Unlike other fries that tastes like starch after a minute of so. And be sure to try their Plain fries with their dip! 
(Sour Cream, Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Creamy Barbeque, Roasted Garlic, Cheesy, and Hot Bell Paper)
 Slammin' Wings (175 pesos/6pcs) - They have New York Buffalo and Honey Garlic Wings! On the photo is the honey garlic wings since boyfie has low tolerance for spicy foods. The wings were covered with honey that complemented well the crispy skin. Kiddos will surely love this! Though I wished I ordered the New York Buffalo, iba pa din yung may spicy kick! ;)
Black Box Series : A combination of their 3 limited edition burgers. 
The John Candy, Romeo + Juliet and Big Kahuna Burger (265 pesos) I have to be honest with you guys, I didn't expect that it was "that really" good! The 100% pure beef patty was screaming' with so much flavor! It seems that you're eating a steak burger because it was packed with bursting taste! I can't put these in order on how much I loved these since everything was equally good!
 The Farm: A combination of 3 different burgers (1 Slammin' Cheese, 1 Go Fish and 1 Crispy Chicken
We decided to order these since we're ordered their Black Box Limited Edition. This one will satisfy any picky eaters out there. Want some chicken burger? A healthy fish burger or settled for a classic beefy burger? Name it, they have it!
 See how packed is their burger? Not only that it tasted so good, but it will not put a hole in your pocket!
Nothing can get better than these!
Ooops No! I didn't consume it by myself! Boyfie is there ofcourse! Would you believe? It's so filling that we have take outs as well. I had a great meryenda that afternoon! ;)
So want to taste these goodies? I would love to share these goodies with one of my lucky reader!
 500 Pesos Worth of Gift Certificate from Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dip!

So here it is! Simply follow the steps in Rafflecopter to join the giveaway! Good luck! :)
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