Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

by - September 05, 2014

When the moment that Rurounin Kenshin was released here in the Philippines, boyfie silently bugging me to watch the movie. But he's not persistent since he knows that I'm not even a fan. When we watched the first part of the movie (See here), I just surprised him with movie tickets. And there goes history. Anyway, so I had another idea of surprising him. Since I was not feeling well, I asked him to join me for consultation. We passed through the cinema and saw that the movie is showing already. I grabbed him and told him "Let's watch!" then he told me, "No, no. We have to go to your check up". Then I laugh and said "I don't have any check up, we are really here to watch movie!" His reaction was priceless!!! :)

Moving on with the movie, it was really good! It has more action scenes that the previous part. Though Kenshin (Takeru Satô) promised Kauro (Emi Takei) not to kill and fight anymore, Kenshin will have to let go to save the town and country in the near future. The town helped each other to defend themselves and fight back with Makoto (Tatsuya Fujiwara) which is an assassin that his main goal is to tear the government down. Another highlight of the movie as well is when the most important possession of Kenshin got broken --his sword. Though I expected a lot of "sweet and romantic" scene with Kauro and Kenshin, I was quite disappointed with that! Hahahah! I guess that's the reason for the next part! What will happened when the most important person in Kenshin's life got kidnapped? Let's all wait and see for the next part this coming mid week of September! :)

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  1. Yay! We watched this too. Kami ng Mom ko and my best friends. Haven't posted a review yet haha masyadong busy sa work. Can't wait sa final one. Last na yata dito ipapalabas ei :/

    1. Me too! Super bitin talaga nyan! Oo nga daw eh, balita ko nga, last na daw. :(
      Sana may kilegers scene sila ni Kauro. hahah! :*

    2. hahaha...kahit nga walang lovey-dovey scenes nakikilig nga ako Sept 25 yata ipalabas dito. I can't wait :D


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