Longest Buffet Table in the Philippines! Buffet 101 now in Glorietta!

by - September 18, 2014

Buffet 101 is very proud to announce that they are The Longest Buffet Table in the Philippines! Recently opened their doors with their 4th branch in Glorietta 2 in the first week of September measuring over 128 meters long to offer you different exquisite dishes! (Note: By far, this is our favorite Buffet 101 branch)
Located on 3rd floor of Glorietta 2, it's impossible for you to miss the place 
since the bright sparkly lights will surely capture your attention.
One of their trade mark is the shinny shimmering splendid design that is still present with this new branch.
True to what they are saying, Buffet 101 really gives you that 5 star hotel experience even for the interiors alone!
 Oh how I adored the marble flooring they have. The red comfy couches 
matched the entire set up seems you are in an upscale restaurant.
They have rooms in the corner if you prefer to be more private.
The place is definitely perfect for big groups! I am surprised to see that the place was 
packed when we visited. Considering that they just opened this month.
The receptionist will assist you at your table. No reservation is required, but still better if you have though. ;)
First stop is their Japanese Station. Filled with different freshly made goods
that will satisfy your Japanese cravings.
Colorful sushi boat is surely a must on their buffet.
Different varieties of rolls..
And battered tempuras, crab sticks, and fried roll! The fried roll is my favorite!
Pair it up with your desired sauces beside that station.
Freshly catch seafood on display are available for grilling.
Just ask these cool chefs on what you want, then they will serve it on your table. hehe.
Have about some steak and turkey?
Or how about these skewers?
Pasta station is also available. Choose your own pasta, sauce and toppings. Again, 
make sure to remember your table number since they will just serve it to you. :)
Breads and Spreads.
Cold cuts and appetizers..
And they even have hot pot too! Choose whatever toppings you want, desired soup broth,
And noodles!
Complete sets of condiments are also available.
We don't usually eat rice whenever we are in the buffet but just by looking at this rice, it sure does looks so tasty!
Anti Pasti
Nachos on the go!
Picka Picka
Wide array of salads. (Ready to go salad / DIY Salad)
Dessert Station - My only suggestion is to put more cakes on the table. ;)
But! They sure do have tons of perfectly chilled dessert! :D
Crepe Station! (Tip: Asked them to make one for you then topped it off with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate!)
Halo Halo Station
Refreshment Station - From juice to sodas they have it. Please try their tamarind juice! It's my favorite! Really good!
If you prefer to cap your meal with something lighter, then go at the fruits station.
They have freshly made shakes. Boyfie had the buko shake and it was divine! :)
You can also get your desired fruit and asked the crew to blend it for you! Kewl! :D
But what's cooler than this? Wine available on their buffet. Mind you, other buffets out there charges you on top of your bill when you want to have some wine, but here in Buffet 101, it's already included! 
Apart from the stations above is the wide variety of scrumptious cooked food stations.
(Photo above is just a part of it.)

Here's our food! :)
Every time boyfie and I will go at Buffet 101, Garlic Crabs and Garlic Shrimps is my number one on my line. This salty and garlicky combination are really a match made in heaven! How I loved sucking those flavors on their skin. hahah. This is really addictive!
I don't know why every time we're in a buffet, I can't resist getting some mushroom dishes. The highlight on the plate above is the vegetables with enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon and smothered in their sweet sauce. Currently writing this review, I suddenly craved for those! :P
I really liked the battered roll fried into perfection. Not the usual Japanese roll since it has the crispy outer skin with the hot and soft Japanese rice inside. Nom! *And the crabsticks are good too!
Boyfie decided to go for Carbonara (as usual) he said it was good! The pasta was cooked al dente the way he likes it. Though I wished they have pesto on their pasta menu.
Hotpot noodles - We had egg noodles and toppings that were appealing to my eyes. hehe. The broth was flavorful on its own. But what I truly enjoyed is the egg noodles itself. Beware, this is filling! :P
I remembered when we really enjoyed the grilled items of Buffet 101 in Eastwood especially with their savory sauce. But they don't have it here. :(
Though it was good on its own, I'm telling you, the sauce makes a difference!
Ofcourse, I must try their medium steak with the peppercorn mushroom sauce. And guess what, I had another batch of their Garlic Crab and Garlic Shrimp! (sorry, I can't resist it.) :P
My dessert plate, I don't one to stuff myself too much with marshmallow, but the dark chocolate in their fountain was really good. I want to have a gallon of that! haha!
Cheesecakes, mousse, jelly shots is a perfect treat to cap this bountiful day!
What are you waiting for? Visit Buffet 101 now! The largest buffet table in the Philippines!

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