Katsu Lovin' at Ginza Barin!

by - September 25, 2014

When typhoon Mario hits the Philippines, boyfie and I were stranded in the office because of the road going to Rizal were flooded. We don't have a choice but to stay in the office. That rainy night, I suddenly craved for Ramen. You know that I don't usually eat Ramen, but the weather is too inviting!
We headed to UP Town Center but sadly, the Ryu Ramen were closed due to the typhoon, we checked Ginza Barin if there's any but they don't have. We were about to leave the place, but the manager approached us and to my surprised, it was my grade school barkada. So you know what happened, we decided to go inside and pretend that we really intended to dine there. hahaha!
Wasn't able to take pictures of the place since it was jam packed. I was surprised since the weather is too gloomy.  I guess it's because most of the restaurant in the area were closed.
Every table has different condiments. I loved pouring my shredded cabbage with tons of roasted sesame dressing!
Like the usual routine, You will be given a small bowl with sesame seeds, then grind it and combine with the tonkatsu sauce. I usually put pink himalayan salt with the sauce to enhance the taste.
Premium Seafood Katsu Set (595 pesos) - Made up of Jumbo US seafood scallop, Hiroshima Oyster, Black Tiger Prawn, Kani Cream Korokke.
Each set has miso soup (really flavorful), rice, shredded cabbage, mirin sauce, tartar sauce with fruits and pickled cabbage. If there's one thing to be improved on this dish, maybe that's the pickled veggies and fruits. It looked so sad and unappetizing. :(
 The Hiroshima Oyster was a bit smaller from what I expected. 
But nevertheless, I still (and always) enjoy eating oysters! :)
Black Tiger Prawn was the disappointment that entire time. It was overcooked and rubbery :(
 US Seafood Scallop was the one wowed me in the set. It was really huge! Every bite was enjoyable!
 Kani Cream Korokke was good too! Enjoyment of seafood with a creamy flavor.
Rosu Katsu Set (345 pesos) - Moist, flavorful loin with a bit of fatty trimmings! If you wished to have a lean part, then go for Hire Katsu Set.
But a little guilty pleasure is good once in a while. hehe!
After the meal, boyfie asked me if I prefer that or the other Katsu joints out there. I can't compare since there's a bit difference between them. Each has a strengths, and own weaknesses.

Ginza Barin Set Menu:

Check out Ginza Barin page here

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