Finally! Early Bird Breakfast Club in Eastwood! :)

by - September 02, 2014

Maybe I'm one of the people that was very much happy when I found out that Early Bird Breakfast Club has a branch in Eastwood already. I mean, to tell you honestly, It was one of the very few restaurants in my notepad that I've been meaning to try. Who wouldn't even know this place? The restaurant that offers Instagram worthy shots that will definitely blow you away!
Their dish even reminded me of Master Chef US Season 5 that I'm currently watching. haha!
 Early Bird Breakfast opens its doors to "northeners" customers last July. I didn't even know it actually. I friend of mine just Instagrammed something and I was surprised that it's in Eastwood Mall! One kembot away from my location! Located on the ground floor of Eastwood mall near BreadTalk.
 The place can accommodate good number of customers. I wasn't able to take a picture of the entire place since it was packed with hungry breakfast campers that time. But nevertheless, the pastel shades and rustic decoration makes the place a homey one.
 We sat down on the couches where we can see the chefs in action. I have to commend their service as well. They were really nice and prompt to our needs. We don't even need to call their attention for refills since they were very vigilant on their customers. Kudos guys! :)

There's a lot of things that I wanted to order, after having a hard time choosing, we settled with the following dishes:
 Ying Yang Champorado (275 pesos) : One of their best seller! Who can resist this Ying Yang Champorado after all? Rich Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian White chocolate with sweetened dilis.  I first tried the white champorado and belgian champorado on their own and it's equally good!
 Afterwards, I mixed the two and enjoyed the perfectly sweet and chocolatey champorado. Perfect with their dilis! :)
 French Toast Fondue (210 pesos) - French Toast dusted with cinnamon and served with cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, and melted chocolate. Just to be clear, I'm not even a fan of cinnamon, in fact, I even hate cinnamon and it's a surprise for me to order this one. I just really like their presentation that's why I ordered this. hahaha! And guess what? I totally loved this and even boyfie was surprised that I loved this dish!
 The french toast was soft yet chewy with bits of sesame seeds on the end. The cinnamon flavor on the toast was dusted lightly that even a non-cinnamon lover like me will truly enjoy! The dips was good as well. But I love dipping my french toast in chocolate, then dip it again with their cinnamon sugar. Nom!!!
 Bacon and Egg Nest (215 pesos) - Again, I ordered this one since I was amazed with the presentation. HAHA. Mind you, it really did NOT disappoint! First of all, who can even present a dish as beautiful as that one? Presented in circular pizza sauce and pesto oil drippings was instantly a thumbs up for me! 2 strips of bacon and one egg baked with gooey melted cheese on top on a small soft bread cup with a small side salad underneath that was tossed in light vinaigrette. It was awesome and filling too!
 Sweet Katcino (375 pesos) - It was one of the newest offerings in Early Bird and boyfie decided to try this. It's a hybrid combination of the popular Katsu and Filipino favorite of Tocino. Katsu + Tocino = Katcino. Why not? :) The combination actually worked well. The katsu was cooked tender with tocino flavor inside and out. I recommend you to try this on their own and don't order this with other sweet so you don't experience a cloying after taste since it really has "that" tocino flavor. Kiddos will surely love this! 
Early Bird Breakfast Club is truly a breakfast heaven. They will amaze you not just on their presentation but with the quality of foods they served as well. 
That's the smile of a happy customers! Happy 110th Monthsary to us! Will definitely visit again! :)

Check out Early Bird Breakfast Club here

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