Trying out Lugang Cafe @ SM Aura!

by - August 16, 2014

Probably one of the Chinese Resto that I've been meaning to try! 
Saw lots of great reviews saying that it's one of the best in Manila
Elegant glass paneled walls and doors with granite design.
  Classy Classy Classy. That's what instantly comes out of my mind. Pretty much reminded me of Gloria Maris. 
With very chick and great choice of interiors.
 The service was great! Really polite and friendly. They will make you feel that you're being attended to. Boyfie and I got a little bit puzzled since we don't know if we will order different ala carte or their set meals since I wanted to order different dishes to see, but boyfie told me that we might not able to eat in Magnum if we eat a lot, so the server offered their set meals then headed to Magnum Manila and Bronuts after.
But aside from the set meals we ordered, I had to make sure to try their Xiao Long Bao since I've heard this is their best seller. But!!! I was really disappointed. For sure, I've expected for too much. Mas malasa pa yung meat ng siomai sa Chowking.:(
We ordered two different set meals. Every set comes with rice, viand, soup, pickled veggies,
 ice tea, and glutinous dessert. Didn't experience any ooomph factor.
  But I must say, the viands were really good but the rest of the set meals was so-so.
But to be fair, we'll make sure to go back again and try their ala carte to see the final verdict.

Check their website here

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  1. Been wanting to try this place too. Sigh! If not for Mom's kidney condition, we're probably all over the place right now just like before. I heard dami daw good restos at SM AURA.


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