TRY EAT: Chef Kally's Cheesecake Jars! :)

by - August 16, 2014

Do you have one of those days where you want to eat something as to go? Like you're craving for a dessert to cap off your delightful meal yet you're just too busy to do so? How about these cheesecake in a jar where you can bring anywhere you go?
 A dear friend of mine suddenly posted a picture of a cheesecake in a jar in facebook. Not only it looks adorable with its girly ribbon colors, but just by looking at the picture of the cheesecake in cute little jars is an instant pick-me-upper with every sweet tooth around the corner. Chef Kally is a home base business that offers cheesecake in a jars and cupcakes for any occasion.
(Photo from their facebook page)
It's also perfect for giveaways for birthdays, parties or any event since they can customize the cover that suits your liking. So moving on, I originally wanted to order Luscious Red Velvet, Nutella Ferrero and Reeses. But only to find out that the Reeses was just a limited edition and the Red Velvet was not available that time. :( 

So I settled for the following flavors: 
Nutella Ferrero Cheesecake

 Granpa's Mango Cheesecake
 Oreoholic Cheesecake
 Every Cheesecake did not disappoint! It reminds me of our favorite no bake cheesecake at Mrs. Pollys. It has the right smoothness and consistency. Plus the right amount of sweetness that even non-sweet tooth fellas will enjoy! Not to mention that we consumed these cheesecake even it's not chilled and yet we enjoyed every spoonful of it. If ever there's one thing I can suggest is to change the type of wooden spoon used since it tends to affect the taste in the long run. But nevertheless, I can still use my finger to devour these goodies. lelz. kidding! ;)
Make sure to try these cheesecake to taste the happiness in a jar!
Here's their menu. You can also visit their page here to check their limited edition cheesecakes! :)

And how do you like my kikay watermark? hahah!

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