Shining Shimmering Splendid: Buffet 101 now in Eastwood!

by - August 12, 2014

During our way to the office, I noticed something in Eastwood that I haven't seen before. 
It's impossible for me not to put my eyes on it.
 (Photo from their website)
I was like, WHOAAA! When did the Buffet 101 appear here all of a sudden? :o
Well, I have to admit, Buffet 101 is one of my favorite Buffet restaurants when I visited their Robinsons Magnolia branch. Remembering the delicious Garlic Crabs and Garlic Shrimps makes me hungry! See here
But compared to the latter branch, Buffet 101 in Eastwood Branch is really classy and super spacious! It can accommodate 340 guests comfortably. What's more? It's a hotel-like buffet for you to have a wonderful stay. Remember when I said it's impossible for me not to put my eyes on this one? It's because it's shining shimmering splendid! hehe.
There are tons of stations in the buffet.
Steak Station
Pasta Station - Too bad there's no pesto :(
Grill Station - My favorite!
Salad Station
Bread and Toast Station
Salad shots
DIY Salad
Japanese Station
How I love their Sukiyaki! Really flavorful!
Nachos Station
Cheese and Anti Pasti Station
Tempura Station - Currently waiting to be refilled
Sushi and Sashimi Station
Wide arrays of Roll! (Sorry Kuyas at the back, I didn't notice you're posing at the camera)
Sushi Boat with different varieties
And a lot of new and exciting flavors!
Shabu Shabu Station which I really want to try! We asked for this one and gave our number, 
but after 3 consecutive follow ups, we didn't receive anything until we decide to give up. :(
Dimsum Station
Noodles Station
Some food from the Filipino Station
I love this Hainanese Chicken! With tons of Ginger sauce!

Halo Halo Station
Chocolate Fountain Station
Fresh Fruit Station
Candies Station
And tons of desserts to choose from!
Juices and Softdrinks are also available
Or end your meal with their freshly brewed coffee.

So here's our plate!
1st Plate : I really liked the soup on the side with lots of mussels. The soup itself can stand on its own! Even the Onion soup we had that time. The varieties of food on my plate was okay but temperature wise, it can be improved.
2nd Plate : The highlight of this plate is the Salmon Pizza. Surprised? So do I! The sweet tangy sauce complemented well with each other with that richness of salmon meat on every bite.
3rd Plate: But my favorite amongst all is their grilled station. All I have to do is to choose the season that I want then give my number. Aside from the fact that the seafoods was at its freshest, what really made this dish superb is their special sauce. IT WAS AWESOME! I instantly remembered their sister company La Fiesta | The Largest Filipino Buffet with this sauce. It's really good! It doesn't overpower the seafood itself but the savory taste will surely linger in your mouth.
4th Plate: The Garlic Chili Crab (upper right) was the one I'm looking for with Buffet 101. It tasted good as before but I noticed that the crab in this branch was a little bit smaller. Or maybe somebody got the bigger portions first. haha. I wanted to devour myself with their Garlic Chili Crabs and Garlic Chili Shrimp pa naman! I guess I was unlucky that time. Sayang! :(
5th Plate: I made another round with their grilled items (I told you it was that good) but this time with scallops. The scallops was beyond I expected. I thought I would have this gamey texture but to my surprise, it's really soft and succulent! First time trying Sukiyaki and I was equally surprised how good it was! Loaded with different seafoods, what more can  I asked for?
6th Plate: On this plate, what wowed me the most is lobster mantis (If I remember the name right). Adventurously, I had a quick bite on this one and find myself enjoying. The crispy layer of skin with a garlicky salty flavor was good!
7th Plate: I noticed that I took a lot of mushrooms that time. But I can't help it, it's really addictive. hehe
8th Plate: Let your creativity do the wonders on this one. Unlike boyfie who put tons of sprinkles on his crepe, I wanted to have the classic one with Vanilla Ice Cream, nom! Plus the delicious creme brulee on the side. I realized that the more caramelized the creme brulee is, the better. It gives that smokey bitter sweet taste. ahhh! But I wished it was served cold though.
9th Plate: Plate of goodies! There's always a room for dessert in any buffet! :)
Hungry? Make sure to visit the newest branch of Buffet 101 in Eastwood! Happy Tummy indeed! :)
For more info, you can check their facebook page here

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  1. not fcukin worth it. you only pay for the lavish decorations etc, etc, etc. the food isnt really worth the price you pay for. you're better off with either vikings, sambokojin or the likes of it


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