Must Visit Restaurant in Baguio: Sage! :)

by - August 14, 2014

Upon browsing my "pending post" folder in my laptop, I was surprised to see that I haven't posted Sage yet. 
One of the most lovely restaurant in Baguio. Remember we had a food trip all the way to Baguio last Valentine's Day? 
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 Sage is a restaurants that couples, family, friends should visit. 
If you're a type of person that like a fancy shmancy girly yet homey place, then this is the place to be!
 Upon arriving the restaurant, you'll have that "awww" voice in your head. Everything is so preyteeeh! 
It's a place that will transport you from one place to another.
 Look at this girl lovely bicycle at their entrance? Too bad I forgot to pose with this together with the hat!
 The place is huge but a bit cramped. But nevertheless, it can accommodate large number of customers. 
It's just half of their place since I'm just using my handy cam that time.
 The restaurant has a pretty themed place with classy interiors and clean restroom.
 Colorful frames to add some kick on the wall.
 The first thing that I noticed upon entering the restaurant. Too bad we're too full to have some. :(
 Complimentary water with mint and orange to spiced up your drink.
 We ordered their Crunchy Sesame Wings with Honey Mustard Sauce (140 pesos) I was curious to see this one on their menu since sesame seeds and wingies combined altogether. But to my surprised, it actually worked! :)
Shrimp in Pesto (180 pesos) It may seemed like a simple dish but the simplicity wowed me even more. 
You can taste the prominent pesto flavor even without the usual green color. The shrimps were huge and plump as well. (Plus the delicious garlic bread too!)
 Creamy Bulalo Steak (260 pesos)- I expected it to be served saucy but it was covered in a thick mushroom sauce. Served with mashed potato and huge soft chunks of beef. But the presentation of the veggies on the side can be improved right? :)
 As I said, we were planning to buy cake but I got curious when I saw kids from the other table enjoying this treat. 
Ice Craze (60 pesos) It's actually a shaved ice with flavoring (we choose cotton candy) then sprinkled with candies and mallow. It was just okay to us, I bit sweet for our liking. But I guess that's the reason why kids from the other table enjoyed it terribly. hehe.
 A perfect place to end our stay in Baguio. Will definitely visit this place again once we go back!

Here's Sage Menu:

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  1. The restaurant looks adorable (esp. that bicycle) and the food looks sooooo delicious. I hope we get a chance to try this out when we visit Baguio sometime next month. Thanks for sharing. ;)

    - Honey G.

    1. Yes please do visit that place! It's worth the visit! Please tag me if ever you do so I can read your experience as well. Have a great trip next month Honey! :)

    2. I'll surely do, Theresa. What's the best from their menu? ;)


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