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by - August 06, 2014

These days, I don't rarely go home because of my busy schedule in the office. Trainings in the morning, then work in the evening. Not because I am "that" workaholic (hahah) but I just don't want to travel early in the morning and embrace the Manila traffic. Staying here in the office sucks since I tend to eat the same foods over and over again. Restaurants outside the office and cooked foods in the pantry were a bit cloying already. I wished to eat a particular food from a restaurant but I can't because of my tight schedule. But thank goodness for discovering City Delivery!
City Delivery is a premier multi establishment delivery service that caters us with our needs anytime and everywhere. They operate 24/7 service that allows us to satisfy our cravings even in a mid of the night!
For a newbie like me, I'm quite impressed on how easy to navigate is their website. 
All you have to do is to locate the restaurant near your location.

You will be prompted by the restaurants near your location. (see sample screenshot above) 

A minimum of 500 pesos per restaurant within the vicinity is implemented. In case your desired restaurant is not within the vicinity, Inter-City delivery will be implemented. (E.g. Your location is in Quezon City and you're going to order in Makati), the minimum amount should be 1000 pesos.
Boyfie and I decided to order a quick snack in Chuck's Grub. Aside from the fact that we want to eat something lighter, Chuck's Grub is something that we never tried yet. All of the dishes will be displayed on their drop down menu. City Delivery offers 24/7 delivery anytime anywhere. But please take note that it also depends if the restaurant you want, operates 24/7 ofcourse. 
Decide what you want from the menu and just simply indicate the quantity, special instructions, and add ons (if any). 
If your'e conscious with your budget, just look at the right hand corner of the screen for the breakdown of your order. I can't believe how affordable is our Total Bill. I Imagined if boyfie and I wanted to eat in Maginhawa for example, it's way cheaper than riding a cab. From Technohub to Maginhawa will costs us 300 pesos (2 way). But here in City Delivery, it's less than 100 pesos. Not to mention it's way convenient too!
Final step is to fill up the basic needed information. After the process, you will received a call from City Delivery for confirmation. Then tadaaaah! Sit back, relax and wait for your food!
I was informed that our order will arrive after an hour and half, but surprisingly, our order arrived in less than 1 hour! 
(excuse-my-I-just-woke-up-face) haha!
Our orders arrived hot and crisp! Though I wished Chucks Grub drained our foods thoroughly. But overall, the food tasted great. I love the batter that was used in the fillets. It's tasty on it's own even without the dressing. At the back of my mind, I was curious how City Delivery can deliver Cold Stone from their customer since its Ice Cream. But I've heard that they had this machine during delivery wherein it controls the temperature. KEWL! 
I guess I know what to order next time! :)
While browsing their site, I saw this Grocer tab wherein customers can do online grocery shopping, flower delivery, medicine delivery and fresh selections delivery. I guess this is the perfect tool for busy Mommies out there that can't manage to leave the house because of their hectic schedule. And for some reason, I even realized that showbiz personalities probably using this tool so they will not go to supermarkets and get mobbed by the crowd. (showbiz! haha!) :)

For delivery and more details check City Delivery on the link below:

Or simply call 87878

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