Comfort Food with Affordable Price at Aveneto Pizzeria Ristorante!

by - August 02, 2014

I'm not actually good at remembering directions especially in malls, but I guess the mall that I've memorized would be SM Megamall. Despite of being used to that place since it's nearer to my location, I didn't notice that there's a restaurant that I don't even know it exists!
 aVeneto Pizzaria Ristorante is a humble cozy restaurant located right beside the food court. Maybe one reason why it's not that visible is due to the cramped food court that it tends to be ignored. The place was really clean and organized. The service was equally good too!

I've heard that aVeneto is popular with huge servings yet affordable price! 
Since we're just 3, we decided to order 3 dishes to try.
 Chicken Wings (175 pesos) - It's supposed to be buffalo wings, but it's actually a breaded chicken wings with sweet and chili sauce. I'm not actually disappointed since it's quite good too. But you know what made me love this dish even more? It's a 6 piece chicken wings for just 175 pesos. You see, most of the restaurants divide one whole wing to make it 2 piece, but here in aVeneto, it's a full wing indeed! :)
 Meatball Parmigiana (270 pesos) - I huge bowl of baked tomato base pasta served with 3 giant meat balls and generous amount of cheese! :o Though this dish may need a bit of salt to enhance the flavor, nevertheless it's really satisfying! Especially with the generous gooey cheese!
 Bacon Cheese Burger (375 pesos) - A medium size pizza that seems like a large pizza! Cheesy pizza loaded with bits of toasted bacon and beef! We ate too much that time, but we still had tons of take outs after. 

Here's their menu:

 As much as I would like to order pesto, I can't since my buddies that time are non-pesto eaters, but I will surely come back to try their pesto and lots more. If ever you need to treat your friends with good food, but will not sacrifice your budget, this is the place to be. I guarantee, that everybody will be happy! :)

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