Coffee Creations by Megaworls Lifestyle Malls!

by - August 05, 2014

Enjoy different kinds of delicious coffee as Megaworld Lifestyle Malls at Resorts World Manila presents  
Coffee Creations. Yes, they are the one behind the successful event of Coffee Con at Eastwood Mall. :)
 But this time, aside from different varieties of coffee to choose from, mall goers can also enjoy
luscious coffee-flavored dishes. The event was attended by different coffee hubs in the Metro.
 Kapeng Bailen
 Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery
 #YKW Roasters
 Bennet Palmer
 Monk's Blend
 Cukay's Coffee Creations
 Coffee Creations by Mio
 Risa Coffee Barks
 Cafe Maxims / Gourmet's Farms

I know how to appreciate good tasting coffee, but I never appreciate coffee that much until I attended this event. I've learned so many things with regards to coffee. From the beans, up to the moment it was roasted. And boy, it's not that easy. Kudos to the coffee farmers who dedicate their time and patience selecting the perfect coffee beans for us! :)
 Bo's Coffee showed us the basic 101 of style Pour Over Coffee using kinamat beans. 
It has a strong bitter taste with prominent nutty flavor.
 #YKW Roasters taught us how to roast a coffee.
 They are using copper since it's a great conductor of heat. You have to continuously rotate
 this machine then you'll have a perfect roasted coffee bean after 7 minutes.  
 We also learned the different varieties of Philippine coffee by Gourmet Farms. Coffee drinkers lowers the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Liver Cancer/Cirrhosis & Lower risk of death from Cardiovascular disease.
 Another informative talk is from Yardstick Coffee. "What makes specialty coffee so special?" The answer is? The hard work of the people behind that single bean of coffee. It may sound simple to others but selecting a perfect coffee bean is really complicated!
 One of the highlight of the event is the 3D Latte Art Demo and Latte Art Portrait by Tristan Destura. 
You read it right, Latte Art portrait.
Who can resist this cute little thing 3D latte art? It takes some skills for one barista
to do this trick since it's not easy doing art by just using a foam.
 But what really wowed the crowd? Is the Latte Portrait! Really cool huh? It was first started when Tristan had a customer with a frown face. He wanted to cheer her up, so what he did is he made a Latte Portrait and served it to the customer! It will surely made anyone's gloomy day! :)
 Can you guess who is this one? HAHAH! Yup! It's boyfie!
 He's so lucky to be selected as one of the models. :P
 See? Talent at its finest :)
 Espresso preparation demo by Allegro Beverage to cap off the night and followed by a Latte Art show down by different talented baristas around the Metro! Allegro Beverage Corporation announced Resorts World Manila as the exclusive platinum sponsor of country's most prestigious barista competition taking place on October 15 - 17, 2014
For more details of the competition check their website here
 On the other side of the table, bloggers are delighted with different coffee flavored dishes. 
These dishes are limited edition only from July 28 - August 10. Make sure to try these dishes before it runs out!
 Johnny Chow's Coffee Pork Spareribs with Tapioca - I was surprised to see this one on the table. I never thought that coffee can be mixed with a pork, and it actually worked! Soft and tender pork spareribs smothered with coffee infused sauce. It was served with mantou bread where you can use to finish off the sauce. 
 Red Crab's Barako Cheesecake - A smooth and creamy coffee cheesecake with cream on top. 
Nothing can go wrong with that combination!
 Cafe Maxim's Coffee Choco Macapuno Bread
Villa del Conte's Chocolate truffle! The melted chocolate in the middle was really good and sinful! :)
And lots more of good stuffs!
But my personal favorite? It's Krazy Garlic's Affogato Trifle. A coffee based dessert, with coffee jelly, meringue, ice cream, whipped cream, and espresso shot that you'll pour on top of it! AHHH! Marvelous creation! 
 Coffee rush the whole day but it's totally worth it! Make sure to drop by at Resort World to witness different coffee exhibit at the ground floor hallway area of Newport Mall !:)

For more inquiries you can check their website @

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