Caffe Pascucci: Not-Your-Ordinary Coffee Shop! ♥

by - August 06, 2014

Giveway, giveway, to my new favorite coffee shop! Caffe Pascucci! If you're looking for a not-so-strong-coffee yet sweet and creamy at the same time, this is the place for you! It may seem new to others since they only have 2 branches here in PH but hey, they are the most popular coffee shop in Italy.
Look at that heaven sent from above!
 I got an invite to try Caffe Pascucci. They have two branches, one in Glorietta and the other is in Robinsons Galleria. Though this branch may not be as glamorous as the Glorietta branch, I really liked the ambiance of this place. A factor would be the striking red color that gives the place an energetic yet homey vibe. And it's near to my place too! :)
 Different goodies will welcome you as you enter the cafe. They have tons of choices to choose from. 
From sandwiches, gorgeous cakes, cupcakes, and different drinks than other coffee shops were offering.
 Aside from the tables inside, al freso dining is also offered. 
But I promise to myself to visit their Glorietta branch! :)
 The service in Galleria branch was good. Our order came fast and they are kind enough to explain all my questions regarding their coffee. They're friendly but I think they're a bit shy to me. hehe. :)

Here are some of the goodies on their display.

 Above is the drink offered to us.
Montebianco Caramel (115 pesos) - I'm the type of person who likes a bit strong coffee, yet sweet and creamy. That's why this is thumbs up for me. Right amount of espresso, foamed milk, pasciok powder and caramel syrup.
 Fraspuccio Confuso (155 pesos) - I liked the previous one, but boyfie likes this even more. I guess because it was cold drink. But I have to agree, it's indeed yummy! It's made up of espresso, milk, confuso cream, caramel syrup and biscuit. The description may seemed too sweet but it's perfectly balanced. I am very particular with whipped cream and I really enjoyed the confuso cream they have. I don't know how to describe the difference from the regular whipped cream, but believe me, it's really good! Plus the crushed biscuit too!
 Dark Belgian Cheesecake (195 pesos) - As much as I would like to order different cake so I'm not the same with other bloggers from the net, I can't. :( How can I resist Dark Belgian Cheesecake after all? Rich and creamy chocolate cheesecake with smooth consistency, topped with dark chocolate ganache served beautifully. Huhuh. I can't wait to go back at 8pm since all of their cakes and sandwiches are 50% off!!! Oh yeah!!
 Gianduio (135 pesos) - This was not part of the drinks offered to us. We really buy it ourselves. I can't resist when I found out that it's a hot version of hazelnut drink. What's in my mind is hazelnut = Nutella.! And I'm right! Haha. This drink has the combination of Nutella and coffee combined into one.

It's not the usual commercial coffee that you can see everywhere, 
I'm telling you, they're one of a kind! Check their menu below:
 Cold Drinks
 Hot drinks
And again, don't forget! All pastries and sandwiches are 50% off after 8 PM! Hoooray! 
I won't get tired of saying this but, They are definitely my new favorite coffee shop! 
Thanks for having us Caffe Pascucci

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