Binondo Foortrip | Fifth Stop: Quick Snack

by - August 22, 2014

During this time of our Binondo food trip, we tried taking things a bit slower. You know the reason why, we're starting to feel full already. haha. But please note that since it's just me and Boyfie during that foodtrip, we had lots of take outs per restaurants to give way to other restaurant's food. 
 Next stop is the Quick Snack. It is located in a narrow pathway but it's easy to spot on. (I'm not sure why others had a hard time looking for this one). When you see the huge signage of Holland Bakery, turn right and you will see the Quick Snack.
 The place can accommodate numbers of customer. They have restroom and the place was well ventilated. Boyfie noticed that they have 4-5 aircons. haha! The service was good. Friendly and always on smile. Our order arrived pretty fast too!
 Indonesia Tauhu (75 pesos) - If you're a fan of tofu then this is surely a must! If not, then don't. ;) I didn't expect that the serving size would be like this one. But for the price of 75 pesos, it's actually a catch already. It's a huge giant chunk of tofu that is crispy on the outside, yet super soft inside. It has savory nutty sauce with hint of garlic and a bit of spiciness. The kinchay leaves on top gives that dish an earthy flavor too!
 Chami (110 pesos) - Pretty ok for its price. Nothing spectacular since I want a saucy approach on this one. But nevertheless the sauce was flavorful and didn't skimp on ingredients (except the shrimp). hehe!
I wanted to order more but we have to give way and save some space to our tummy. haha. 

Name: Quick Snack
Address:  637-639 ET Carvajal Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try:  Indonesia Tauhu
Budget Needed "Per Head": 80 pesos for a group of 4. (around 4 dishes)

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  1. T and I should do this sometime! :)

    ♥ joei

    1. Joei!!!!!

      You should! You'll enjoy there! Plus a lot of interesting finds as well! Balitaan mo ko. hehe :) ♥

  2. I really love your blog! :) I make it a point to visit your blog regularly. Thanks for sharing this. I always wanted to do Binondo Foodtrip.

    1. Awww. Thanks for the kind words Mhycz! :) It's been months since I wanted to try Binondo Foodtrip and I must say, it's really worth it! Lots of good stuffs yet affordable quality food places. :)


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