Binondo Foortrip | Eight Stop: Shanghai "Fried" Siopao!

by - August 28, 2014

A bit different compared to the usual Siopao in the market. The Fried Siopao. Who would have thought that this thing ever existed? I've tried Toasted Siopao way back and all along they are just the same, but it's completely different!
Shanghai Fried Siopao is one of the many siopao stand you can see in Binondo. But one factor that Shanghai Fried Siopao differs from another is the location since it's just along the road of Binondo and easy to see.
They have a huge pan where they will fry their siopao. I thought they will fry the siopao ala
 fried chicken style where they will submerge the siopao in oil..
But it's just basically frying the bottom part of the siopao. I was kinda disappointed at first for some reason. 
I felt that it's just an ordinary siopao with crispy part.
But when I tasted the Fried Siopao, it proved me wrong! It was indeed delicious. Yes, let's get it straight that it may be like the usual siopao, but the filling inside the siopao was really meaty and full of flavors! Not to mention that every bite has this generous flavorful filling! For just 18 pesos each, this is really a good deal! It's way better than the commercialize siopaos out there! :o

Name: Shanghai Fried Siopao
Address:  Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Fried Siopao!
Budget Needed "Per Head": 20 pesos each. ;)

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