Binondo Foodtrip | Third Stop: Lord Stow Bakery! :)

by - August 21, 2014

From all the 10 places we visited I'm sure that this is my ultimate favorite.  
Lord Stow's Bakery is widely popular with its egg tarts all throughout Asia
Although it's not new to me that there's quite a number of branches here in the Philippines, I don't even bother visiting their branch in Banawe (nearest to my location) since I'm not even a fan of egg tarts! I pretty much visualized this as the local egg pie which I'm not a fan.
 But since it's a Binondo Foodtrip, it's a must to visit Lord Stow. But to be honest I was really
 curious with the taste since I've heard from my friends that it's really THAT good!
 Lord stow is a bakery located few steps from the friendship arch in Binondo. The place is well ventilated and clean.
 I thought they just offer egg tarts but they have quite a number of foods to offer too.
 Just to be sure, Boyfie and I bought the smallest box incase we don't like it. haha!
 That toasted effect on top gives the egg tart a nice color!
 I also bought a marshmallow candy for my niece and nephew.
 How is it? It's a LOVE AT FIRST BITE! Ahhhhh! One of the greatest creations I ever tasted! It's not even close to egg pie at all! I can't stop myself devouring on these wonderful tarts! The crust of the tart was soft yet super flaky. While the custard has the perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness that lingers in my mouth with every bite!
It's so good that we even buy another 2 boxes to enjoy at home. And just like me, they inhaled everything in just a blink of an eye! haha! Ohhhhh. I will definitely come back for more! 

Name: Lord Stow Bakery
Address:  707 Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Budget Needed "Per Head": 165 pesos for a box of 4

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