Binondo Foodtrip | Sixth Stop: Ying Ying Restaurant

by - August 28, 2014

From our list that we must visit, Ying Ying Restaurant is the one I've been meaning to try that's why I placed this for our lunch time. It's quite far from the previous place we've visited, I guess around 10 minutes of walking. Just a tip, Don't ever dare bring your car. Traffic is terrible in the area. You'll end up wasting your time if you do.
 Funny that our eyes are somewhere looking for Ying Ying and we didn't realized that it's just right beside us. haha. 
The place was okay. They have second floor restroom. Though there's fly roaming around the area.
 Basic Chinese condiments on the table. They have wide variety in their menu. I wished I can show you their menu but it's just too many. Price depends on the menu you order. But to give you an idea, viands that's good for sharing is around 250-300 pesos.
 Pork and Shrimp Siomai - It's not as huge as Wai Ying's version but it's really meaty!
 Chicken Feet - It was okay. I've tasted better though.
Lechon Kawali and Asado Meal - The lechon kawali was good! I wished we had Mang Tomas on hand. haha! Crispy yet juicy. Though the Asado was the down side. It tastes good but it's rubbery :(
Fried Oyster - Instead of the usual Oyster Omellete, I decided to try Fried Oyster since my Dad told me that the fried oysters are good. And he's right! It's actually good! Though my Dad told me that the oysters were small compared to what he had before. But neverless, I still enjoyed it together with their sauce. It complemented well the fried oysters. Make sure to try Oyster Cake to your Binondo Food Trip! :)

Name: Ying Ying Restaurant
Address:  233-235 Dasmarinas Street, corner Yuchengo St, Binondo Manila
Must Try: (Make sure to try their main dishes. I guess that's our mistake that we opted for their set meals. We can't help it coz we're so full :( )
Budget Needed "Per Head": 150 pesos for a group of 4.

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