Binondo Foodtrip | Ninth Stop: Holand Hopia and Bakery

by - August 28, 2014

Second to the last stop in our itinerary! It was originally planned to be on the last part but since it's on our way already, we decided to visit this first instead. Wrong move since the pasalubongs were so heavy and we still have to visit another one. Anyway...
 Holand Hopia and Bakery is one of the oldest bakery in the area. But at home, we usually buy pasalubong at Eng Be Tin (Though we also visited Eng Be Tin and Salazar to buy some Chinese goodies for my fambam, but I will not put those two in our itinerary anymore). Moving on, I've decided to choose this since we always get our goods from Eng Be Tin and I want to buy pasalubongs from somewhere else. I've also heard that they have better tasting Hopia than Eng Be Tin.
 Wide variety of hopia and breads to choose from.
 I was surprised to see the different unusual combinations they have.
 Breads, sweets, Chinese Deli are also available in the store.
I had assorted kinds of Hopia upon my liking just to see it for myself. But I guess my heart belongs to Eng Be Tin. 
Their hopia filling was a bit dry and crumbly compare to Eng Be Tin's sticky sweet filling.Oh well! :(

Name: Holand Hopia and Bakery 
Address:  551 ET Yuchengco Street Corner Carvajal, Binondo Manila 
Must Try: (Depends on your liking) 
Budget Needed "Per Head": (Depends on the number of pasalubong you will buy)

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