Binondo Foodtrip | Last Stop: New Po Heng Fresh Lumpia

by - August 28, 2014

The 10th Stop and last stop on our Binondo Food Trip! :) I'm such a sucker for Lumpiang Sariwa. Even when I was still a kid, I can consume 3 fresh lumpia in one sitting. hahah! So if you're like me, then better to put this on your list! I'm so excited until my handy cam left me all alone, and rest peacefully! Darn! It's the last one, hindi pa nakisama. :(  
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 It's not like the other food joints on our list since it's a "bit" far from the area. I've told you that Binondo Foodtrip is like walking in a subdivision that one food stop is just on the other street. But in New Po Heng, you have to go you Quintin Paredes Street (near Binondo Church) Upon locating their building named Uy Su Bin Building, you have to walk inside until you see this signage. Nothing to expect in the place, it's just a simple small karinderya-like place with a killer fresh lumpia!
 It pretty much reminded me of Kuya's Lumpia that you can see in foodcourts at different leading malls. Though this one is the authentic one. As they said, it's the ultimate Chinese fresh lumpia! For just 50 pesos each, you will enjoy a fresh lumpia filled with veggies, lettuce, thai grass crisp, peanuts and garlic!
Served in a burrito style then smothered with their sweet garlicky sauce. 
Your Binondo Foodtrip is not complete without visiting this one! :)

Name: New Po Heng Fresh Lumpia
Address:  Uy Su Bin Bldg, 531 Quintin Paredes Street, Binondo Manila 
Must Try: Fresh Lumpia
Budget Needed "Per Head": 50 pesos each

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