Binondo Foodtrip | Fourth Stop: Dong Bei Dumpling!

by - August 21, 2014

Fourth Stop! Dong Bei Dumpling! There's a lot of places where you can eat dumplings in Binondo, 
but for some reason, Dong Bei is really one of the most popular.
 But make sure to keep an eye on this one. It's a bit hard to spot on since their signage is old and
almost faded already just like what you see above.
 The smallest place on our list. You can see the crew creating the dumplings on the other table.
 Then filling every dough.
 It's so small that it has 5 tables that can accommodate around 16 person at a time.
 The place is simple and no fancy menu, just some tarpaulin
 And hand written menu on the wall. The service was so-so but our order came fast.
 Xiao Long Bao and Pork with Kutchay Dumplings (Since the pork dumplings were not available)
 Pork Dumplings with Kutchay for the amount of 120 pesos, you can have 14 pieces of dumplings. Sulit! Taste wise, it can be improved. I'm not sure if it's just me or the dumplings was a bit bland. But make sure to use their sauce to enhance the flavor. :)
 Xiao Long Bao (90 pesos / 6 pcs) - Basically a dumpling filled with soup inside. I loved that the texture of the Xiao Long Bao was firm and a bit chewy. It's much tastier than the latter which I appreciate a lot. Though I wished they put more soup inside. :)
Overall, Dong Bei Dumpling is a good catch for those who are looking for dumpling fix craving for affordable price yet generous in serving!

Name: Dong Bei Dumpling
Address:  642 ET Yuchengco St. Cor V. Tytana St, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Xio Long Bao and Dumplings
Budget Needed "Per Head": 100 pesos for a group of 4.

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