Binondo Food Trip | Second Stop: Wai Ying Tea House!

by - August 19, 2014

After our visit in Estero, the second on our itinerary was Wai Ying Restaurant
To be honest, it's one of my favorite during our entire food trip in Binondo. :)
I've heard the place gets too cramped easily but luckily when we arrived, there is still available table for 2. Lucky indeed! Right after we sit down and order our food, a number of different customers arrived but they are on waiting list already since the second floor was full also.
  The place is air conditioned but small. They cook all their foods alongside the dining area.
 Basic condiments on every table. The servers were so-so. But I understand since there's a lot of diners that time.
 Roast Duck and Asado Rice (210 pesos) - The serving size was actually generous! Look at that plate! The roast duck was was impressive. Cooked all throughout yet the skin retains its nice texture. The thinly sliced Asado was tender and has little fatty trimmings smothered in sweet savory sauce. nom!
 Hakaw (80 Pesos) - The picture may not do justice but their dimsums are huge!
 Plump and huge prawns on every bite! But the skin of the hakaw gets break easily for some reason.
 Japanese Siomai (80 pesos) - Japanese Siomai on a Chinese restaurant? why not! haha! 
I'm such a fan of Japanese siomai. The nori wrapper and the chunks of meat and crab stick was fantastic!
 Century Egg Siomai (80 pesos) - Since boyfie loves century egg, we included this on our list. It's basically like a regular siomai stuffed with century egg bits on the side. I'm telling you, their siomai are on steroids! haha! Saraaap!
 Coffee Jelly (65 pesos) - Since we just came from our shift we needed this one. And don't underestimate this one! Just by sipping on this one, I knew that it's a real espresso in this drink. Bitter sweet at the same time. We had to ask for more ice since it's perfectly enjoyable if it's ice cold!

Wai Ying Menu:

Name: Wai Ying Fast Food
Address:  810 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Roast Duck and Siomai
Budget Needed "Per Head": Around 130 Pesos for a group of 4

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