Binondo Food Trip | First Stop: Estero Fast Food!

by - August 19, 2014

I asked boyfie to join me in Binondo for the ultimate Binondo Food Trip. Binondo (or Ongpin to be specific) has a special place in my heart. I remember when my Dad always brings us here to shop and dine at different authentic Chinese foods. Binondo has lots of goods to offer, especially one of the most loved cuisine of all--Chinese Food. Being raised in a Chinese Family hones my taste buds to distinguish one great tasting dish from another. And I really can't wait to try all the raves I've read from the internet on my own! :)
But of course!!! I planned everything ahead of time. (Like the usual thing I do whenever we have trip) All of the itinerary, tetadventurer map, estimated cost and the ETA per restaurant. I'm a bit OC when it comes to planning since we want our trip to be memorable and hassle free as much as possible. :) 
Visit Binondo Church since you're already in the area. And say a little prayer. The church was really beautiful. :) 

From LRT  Recto Station, the usual route will be a jeepney ride, but since boyfie and I were doing our best to stick to our time schedule, we ride the tricycle going to Binondo Church. (50 pesos) Right side of the church is the way going to Ongpin. A little walk and you will see the Friendship Arch. And from there, the food trip will start. I honestly didn't think that the foodtrip will be as easy as that. We didn't even get lost. Every restaurant is just streets away from the other. Imagine a subdivision with different streets, it's basically just like that! :)
Boyfie and I planned our 10 must visit restaurants in Binondo 
Estero Fast Food | Wai Ying Restaurant | Lord Stow | Dong Bei Dumplings | Quick Snack | New Po Heng Lumpia | Ying Ying Teahouse | Holland Bakery | Sincerity Cafe | Shanghai Fried Siopao | Lan Zhou Mien
(You may noticed that it's more than 10 so we have a back up incase we can't find a restaurant)
 From the Friendship Arch, it takes around 5 minutes going in Estero Fast food. It's right after the Ongpin Bridge. It may not be "that" popular to other because of the location since it's right beside the "estero". It may be unappealing compared to airconditioned restaurants since It's an open type karinderya but I assure you that it offers different authentic Chinese Foods for affordable price.
 Estero has different concessionaires to choose from. I guess it's more or less 10 options to choose from. But the most popular is the LGA Fast food. Why? I don't know. I just noticed that they are the only one that has signage that it stands out from the other. Word of mouth y'know.
 If you're a type of person whose very particular with the surroundings, then better don't include this one your list. But just to be clear, we had a pleasant stay during our visit. The servers were polite and friendly. As soon as we arrive, they gave us the menu and cook our orders on the spot. (BTW, Pardon for the photos since I'm just using a handy cam and I'm not comfortable bringing the SLR around the streets >.<)
Yang Chow Fried Rice Small (110 pesos) - This small fried rice is good for two. Though we still had a take out after since we don't want to stuff ourselves yet. The fried rice you ordered somewhere is good as this one. I love that they still managed to have that delicious smoky taste of the fried rice.
 Beef w/ Broccoli Small (130 pesos) - I loved how they cooked the broccoli. Not tough and not overcooked as well. The beef was cooked perfectly tender too. I'm a saucy type of person and I loved how generous they put sauce on the dish!
 Fried Frog Legs with Garlic Sauce Small (130 pesos) - They say it's a must to order frog legs if you're in Estero. Just like everybody's reaction it actually tastes like fried chicken. The only difference is that, it has lots of bones on it.

LGA Fastfood Menu:

Name: Estero Fastfood
Address: Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Frog Legs
Budget Needed Per Head: Less than 150 Pesos for a group of 4

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  1. I have tried Frog legs back in college...Parang chicken talaga haha :)

  2. Were there stray cats and dogs when you ate? Food looks superb so I wanted to try kaso takot lang ako sa pusa at aso. HAHA Thanks!

    1. Hello Macie,

      HAHAH! Infairness, natawa ko sa question mo! :D Go try! Super sulit! During our visit, there's 1 kitten (as in maliit lang talaga) walking around the place pero super harmless. So nothing to worry about, I promise! ;)

  3. Sana mavisit ko din yung Binondo Church, hindi pa ako nakakapag simba diyan. Nakakatakam naman ang mga pagkain! :)

  4. Maganda talaga mag food trip diyan sa Binondo kasi ang daming kainan na masasarap ang mga luto. Try nyo din mag Pampanga food trip. :)

  5. meron din ba dun na adobong daga?


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