All the way up to Talipanan Falls! :)

by - August 02, 2014

Unlike our usual Anniversary celebration, we don't have any itinerary at all since we just want to relax and enjoy the serene place of Infinity Resort.  On the other hand, we also want to do something atleast. (gulo ba? haha)
 So boyfie and I decided to go at the most famous must visit place in Talipanan which is the Talipanan Falls. Just in time when a lady approached us if we wanted to have a massage, zip line and lots more! But we opted just to visit the falls for a minimum of payment. (300 pesos since its low season).
Meet Ate Haidee and her husband Kuya Sam. Our "trekking" wouldn't be possible without them. They served as our tour guide, trekking buddy, story teller and photographer in one. They are really really nice and very polite. We even asked them to keep our belongings with them. Rest assured that it will be in good hands. :) They are the perfect person to join you on your Talipanan Tour. You may contact them at 0905 738 6716.
 I'm a bit hesitant to go with the trekking since I'm thinking of boyfie cause he's still 
recovering from his operation, but boyfie said he can manage.
 You can see the eagerness and energy we both have during the start of our 2 hour trekking. haha!
 There's a lot of falls with different sizes.
 But what's really challenging is climbing up these rocky road!
 It's my first time seeing a wild boar as well. But it's harmless though :)
 As we continue on our journey, the rocks become steeper than ever.
 This is the moment when it seems we're doing a mountain climbing! huhuh. I wanted to give up already! Y'know, we're playing badminton but we're not that really athletic for this one! hahah. It's just the first half of our journey, and we we're asked if we still can, but since we're already here, then let's finished this!
 Steep huge rocks along our way! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!
 Presenting, The Talipanan Falls! Wohooo. Atlast! It may not be "that" captivating on the photo but I assure you, it's really maginificent. I guess it adds the "success" feeling we had that time. :)
 I was not planning to dip on the falls, but boyfie insisted. And it was freakin' cold! REALLY REFRESHING! :)
 You see that huge vine over there? No it's not snake! hahaha! It's a handle going to the falls. The middle part of the falls is 9 feet (if I remember it right) But no worries, there's a flat rock where you can step in.
 Me: "Ate, saglit lang ah? Ang sarap kasi maligo dito"
Ate Haidee " Nako Mam, okay lang po, kahit matagal po. :)"
 Really refreshing!
I thought we wasted our time going on this place but I'm telling you, it's really oh-worth-it! Ate Haidee and Kuya Sam just asked for 300 pesos since it's low season that time, but we can't help but give 500 pesos as tip as well. You can see the precious gratitude on their eyes! It's a great help for them to buy rice for their family especially it's not everyday that there's a tourist who wanted to have a tour. So guys, you know what to do. :)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I have so many good memories chasing waterfalls in the provinces. :)

    1. Hello Capizena!

      It is! I never expected that I will enjoy despite of the challenge going up the mountain. haha. That's so nice to hear! What provinces you usually go to? The cold water is really refreshing! :)


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