Binondo Foodtrip | 7th Stop: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

by - August 28, 2014

If you're familiar with the place, one thing comes to your mind when you heard about Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant. Fried Chicken. I don't know what is the fuss about when I do my research and find out that (they say) it's a must for you to try their fried chicken! :o
 Sincerity has a clearer signage compared to others that's why it's easier for you to spot this one.
 A vibrant bright interiors with casual dining set up.
Sincerity Fried Chicken (Half - 150 pesos) Since we're full that time, we decided to have this for take out. But to be fair, I tasted their chicken from the moment they served it to us cause I want to judge the chicken at the nicest state as possible. How is it? I agree that it's good. But it's not something that I will look forward from time to time. It's not the usual fried chicken since it's on the pepper-y side. It actually reminded me of Serenitea's Chicken Chops! :D
Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant's Menu

Name: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant

Address:  497 ET Yuchengco Street, Binondo Manila

Must Try: Fried Chicken

Budget Needed "Per Head": 70 pesos for a group of 4.

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