10 Restaurants in One Day! The Ultimate Binondo Food Guide! :)

by - August 28, 2014

Here it is! The Ultimate Binondo Food Guide! The Must try! Must Visit! of every foodies out there that wanted to go in Binondo! 10 restaurants in one day by yours truly and my great apprentice, boyfie! So before we start, read below and check out some tips that might help you with your food trip!
Binondo is surely a gem for foodies and adventure seekers out there. It is known for quality dishes with generous serving size and ofcourse, for affordable price! Just like what I've said in my previous posts, doing a Binondo Food Trip is easy! If you know the basic details, then it's a piece of cake for you. Every restaurant (on this list) is near to each other. It seems that you're in a subdivision and it's just a street apart from each other.
  Here's the map of the below itinerary. You're food trip will start at Binondo Church.  
How to get there?
From LRT  Recto Station, the usual route will be a jeepney ride, but since boyfie and I were doing our best to stick to our time schedule, we ride the tricycle going to Binondo Church. (50 pesos) Right side of the church is the way going to Ongpin. A little walk and you will see the Friendship Arch. And from there, the food trip will start. 

tetadventurer tip:
Better if you don't bring your car. Why? Traffic is terrible in the area. You'll end up wasting your time if you do. Trust me. 
Places to visit:
Estero Fast Food | Wai Ying Restaurant | Lord Stow | Dong Bei Dumplings | Quick Snack | New Po Heng Lumpia | Ying Ying Teahouse | Holland Bakery | Sincerity Cafe | Shanghai Fried Siopao
 Simple and Straight to the point food joint that is really affordable! Don't expect something fancy with the place since it's located beside the "estero". If you're very particular in a place then don't bother including this one. Don't worry though since they assure that everything is sanitized properly. Don't belittle this place, it always gets packed easily! 
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Estero Fastfood click here

Name: Estero Fastfood
Address: Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Frog Legs
Budget Needed Per Head: Less than 150 Pesos for a group of 4
 One of my favorite restaurant on our itinerary. Wai Ying Restaurant don't just offer delicious foods, but just like what I've said, their dimsums are on steroids! It's the place that I can satisfy my Chinese food cravings instantly. I'm actually salivating just by remembering their dimsums! Ahhhh! Really good! Though prepare yourself since this place is "always" packed with hungry customers. To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Wai Ying Restaurant click here

Name: Wai Ying Fast Food
Address:  810 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Roast Duck and Siomai
Budget Needed "Per Head": Around 130 Pesos for a group of 4

 Yup, I admit this is my favorite from our itinerary. I don't even bother visiting their branch in Banawe (nearest to me) since all along the "famous egg tart" they were saying is just like the usual egg pie. But I was completely wrong. Their egg tart can be described in one word = HEAVENLY!!! Don't ever miss this on your itinerary! I give you my word, it's really THAT good! Warning: It's addictive!
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Lord Stow Bakery click here

Name: Lord Stow Bakery
Address:  707 Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Budget Needed "Per Head": 165 pesos for a box of 4 (one box is never enough ;) )

 The hardest to spot on the list. Because of its old faded signage. Popular for its set dumplings and Xiao Long Bao that is good for sharing, no wonder why a lot of food tripper includes this on their list.
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Dong Bei Dumplings click here

Name: Dong Bei Dumpling
Address:  642 ET Yuchengco St. Cor V. Tytana St, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Xio Long Bao and Dumplings
Budget Needed "Per Head": 100 pesos for a group of 4.
 Famous for their Indonesia Tauhu. Quite a small place located in a small hallway. But we are surprised to see a 5 airconditions in a small place. haha. Also, better try their pork buns as they said it's one of their best sellers too!
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Quick Snack click here

Name: Quick Snack
Address:  637-639 ET Carvajal Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try:  Indonesia Tauhu
Budget Needed "Per Head": 80 pesos for a group of 4. (around 4 dishes) 
The place where it offers the most number of foods for their customer. They offer set meals, rice toppings and ala carte. Popular for their lump and fresh Oyster Cake! Though this place didn't satisfy us like what we both expected, will definitely give this place another chance but by that time, we will try their ala carte dishes. :)
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Ying Ying Restaurant click here
Name: Ying Ying Restaurant
Address:  233-235 Dasmarinas Street, corner Yuchengo St, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Oyster Cake
Budget Needed "Per Head": 150 pesos for a group of 4.
Chicken like no other as they say, Sincerity Restaurant is proud with their one of a kind fried chicken. With its buttery, crunchy and crispy chicken it's a must to include this in your itinerary. 
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Sincerity Restaurant  click here

Name: Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant
Address:  497 ET Yuchengco Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Fried Chicken
Budget Needed "Per Head": 70 pesos for a group of 4.

 This is not your usual siopao out there. Aside that it's a fried siopao, they can assure you the meaty and flavorful filling on their siopao for just 18 pesos! I actually enjoyed eating this generously filled siopao! I wished I hoard tons of these!
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Shanghai Fried Siopao click here

Name: Shanghai Fried Siopao
Address:  Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try: Fried Siopao!
Budget Needed "Per Head": 20 pesos each. ;) 
Somewhat fail to our food trip. Others were saying that it's better than Eng Be Tin, but to be honest, I'm quite disappointed if we'll talk about their hopia. But what I am sure of is that, there is something in this place that I should have ordered instead! 

To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of Holand Hopia and Bakery click here

Name: Holand Hopia and Bakery  Address:  551 ET Yuchengco Street Corner Carvajal, Binondo Manila  Must Try: (Depends on your liking)  Budget Needed "Per Head": (Depends on the number of pasalubong you will buy)

One of the nicest lumpia I've tasted. They claim that it's the authentic Chinese lumpia! Served in a burrito style smothered with their sweet garlic-y sauce! Another must visit in Binondo! :)
To check the full review, dishes, price and complete menu of New Po Heng click here

Name: New Po Heng Fresh Lumpia 
Address:  Uy Su Bin Bldg, 531 Quintin Paredes Street, Binondo Manila
Must Try:
Fresh Lumpia
Budget Needed "Per Head": 50 pesos each
So there you are! 10 Must visit places in Binondo! You might wonder why boyfie and I finished everything? Nahhh. Since we are just two, we decided not to consume all the foods we ordered per restaurant and decide to have them for take out. This Ultimate Binondo Food trip is perfect for groups, family, or barkada food hunt for as low as 500 pesos with 10 restaurants! The larger the group, the lesser the expense you have. Join them as you explore the wonderful things that Binondo has to offer. I am confident to say that you will enjoy the entire experience! If you have question, feel free to comment below! :)

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