Sugar Rush Moment at Xocolat Katipunan!

by - July 08, 2014

It' been ages that I wanted to try Xocolat. Aside from a fact that I'm such a sweet tooth, I've heard that they have very nice and cozy interiors for their customers. That's why I asked my friends to dine here and catch up with each other.
The signage outside was small but easy to spot on. They also have branch in Greenhills 
for those in that area
I bet this place is an old house turned into a restaurant/cafe. 
Low lighted place, rustic but you'll enjoy taking pictures in the area.
Book lovers will be delighted seeing their collections of books, magazines, etc.
A tiny stair case going to their restroom.
Wooden interiors all over the place with colorful chairs and tables.
Different stuffs hanging around that you might love....
or hate! :))
But not everything is creepy...
Like this colorful chair that will welcome you as you enter..AND!!!
Ofcourse, the wide variety of cakes they offer!
Boyfie and I came a bit earlier. While waiting, we had a couple of drinks. Coxo Babycino (115 pesos) - A rich flavorful iced drink topped with vanilla ice cream and dusted with chocolate powder. Boyfie and I loved this drink. The perfect balance of bitter sweet combination was surely a hit.
Taza de Xocolat (165 pesos)- I had a mixed feeling on this one (at first). Since it's waaaaay to thick for a drink! I had the thickest Hot Chocolate when we had our breakfast in Amorita Resort in Bohol, but this one was outrageous! Think of a melted ice cream, it's even thicker than that! I don't appreciate it at first, but as I slowly taste this drink little by little, it was actually really good! Thick, Chocolate-y and Yummy! Really sinful! :)
Churros con Xocolat (95 pesos)- Crunchy yet soft inside churros served with thick dark chocolate dip. It was a good combination, though I find the churros a bit dry. But I loved the perfect golden color it has!
Xoco Latte (145 pesos)- It was too strong according to my friend. So if you're not a hard core coffee drinker, then don't order this. It was bitter with just a hint of sweetness. But I love how they presented this one. Chocolate nibbles on the empty glass then they slowly poured the hot drink that melted the chocolate. Really interactive! :P
Forgive me if I failed to remember this drink, but it's pretty much like a Milo Dinosaur that was really really really sweet!!! It was served really cold but it's exaggeratedly sweet! I had this as to-go instead and chilled it for hours. That made me appreciate this drink better. Twas like a chocolate ice cream! Sarap!
Strawberry Mango (115 pesos) - They are right! Make sure to order their smoothies. 
It's really good! It's not usual powder base smoothies. This is a real deal!

*As much as I want to post different kind of foods, my friends decided to order the same dish I had. All of us had Chicken Pesto. Oh well! I can't force them to order something they don't like. hahaha!*
3 of us ordered Chicken Pesto (175 pesos). It was just so-so. I appreciate that it's not too oily but flavor wise, it needs salt badly! The chicken strips served was really dry too! You can even see it on the picture. My friend even told me that it seems it's "pangat" already. :(
Xocolat Chicken Pasta (195 pesos)- Boyfie was the only one who changed his order. Try something for a change as he said. It's basically like a carbonara that's on a sweet side? The cocoa shavings just made the dish a bit darker but doesn't affect its taste at all. And again, the chicken was dry. >.<
Here's front of their menu since I accidentally deleted the front part. darn! But overall, I'm still looking forward on trying this restaurant again. Especially their rice meals!

Check out their facebook page here

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