Second Stop: Nemoto Japanese Restaurant

by - July 08, 2014

Here's our Second Stop! Nemoto Japanese Restaurant.
 I honestly didn't see this one as we go down. It's hard to spot on since it was really small.
 Just look for that Japanese lantern for you to see :P
 This reminded me of a traditional Japanese Restaurant.
 The place was really simple and really small. You'll have a hard time going to one place to another since you'll be bumping on the customer right behind you.
Special Mix (450 ++ pesos) - A bit pricey, but I actually loved it! Considering that I'm not a fan of these kinds of foods. The sushi was fresh and doesn't have that "fishy" after taste, while the rolls was just divine. I can't explain why, but it differs from other rolls that I've tasted. Though the mayo ketchup drizzling was a bit odd, what cha say? :)

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