Mamou: Boyfie's Birthday Steak Dinner at Mamou!

by - July 23, 2014

Finally! Tried the ever famous Mamou Steak last boyfie's birthday. Had a reservation in advance since
 I've read that it's impossible to eat there if you dont have reservation.
There's only 2 schedule of reservations: 6:30 and 8:30 pm. 
If you really want to dine here, don't take risk and just call for a reservation to be safe.
The service was good. Our orders came fast. They asked us how's our food but nothing exceptional like everybody else's. I even expected that they will give boyfie a birthday cupcake and birthday song like the one on the other table (and to what I've read as well) but they didn't. :(
Seems like a granny's classic place. The red interiors and wooden chairs gives that rustic feel. 
A bit hot and the place was too small especially when there's customer already.
We were given a free complimentary bread as soon as we arrived.
Truffle Flavoured Vegetable Mushroom Dip with Whole Wheat Melba Chips (195 pesos) - It was okay. I thought I will love the mushroom and truffle combination but it didn't worked for me at all. It seems like it's a liver patte at only. 2/5
 The steak comes with two side dishes. We opted for their Steak Rice which was so-so to me. 3/5 
And the Mashed Potato 3/5 as well.
 Broccoli with Ricotta Cheese (200? pesos) - I added this to our order since it seems good. 
But it's just a blanched broccoli (still bit tough) with melted cheese on top. 2/5
Lorenzo's Truffle Cream (375 pesos) - I'm quite undecided if I will order this one since I don't like Truffle flavor since it has the "gas" after taste for me. Hahahah. But since I am really curious since everybody says it's good, I ordered it. And they're right! The pasta has the light truffle taste with simple cream covered the al dente pasta. Simple but good dish. 4/5
Angus Rib Eye USDA Prime Steak 400 grams (1780 pesos) - I'm torn between the bigger serving size but the server informed us that the 400 grams was good for 2 already. Infairness, the serving was quite good. Deadma with the dripping oil in the steak coz it's so worth it. 5/5
No need for the steak sauce to fully appreciate the steak. Just a dash of sea salt then baaaam! Really sinful!
Frozen Hot Chocolate (185 pesos) - Just a thick cocoa tablea drink with scoop of ice cream, then generously topped with whipped cream. I enjoyed this! The hot and cold combination was a party in my mouth. 4/5

Here's their menu

Quite disappointed with the side dishes and no birthday song for boyfie but nevertheless, the pasta and steak pulled this rating up and can give a 5 rating for that two dishes alone.  

Check their facebook page here

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