Malasimbo Premier at Infinity Resort

by - July 28, 2014

I've shared with you my dearest reader our celebration we had for our 9th Anniversary Celebration at Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera (See here). Now, let me show you our room for the past days we stayed in the resort. The resort has different rooms to choose from. Depending on your needs, or the number of person who will be staying.

Different rooms in Infinity Resort
(Image from their website)
 Deluxe Room
 Executive Room
 Premier Suite
 Malasimbo Premier

I am torn choosing between the Premier Suite and the Malasimbo Premier. But boyfie suggested that we should choose the Malasimbo Premier since we'll not be needing the kitchen that the Premier Suite has since we'll be eating at their restaurant. Good move! And not only that, one reason why we choose the Malasimbo Premier is to experience their Hydrojet Tub! :D
 Malasimbo Premier room is located in the second floor of the newly built Malasimbo Spa.
Every corner of this resort is truly a masterpiece.
 Just like the other sides of the resort, I really adore the vibe of the place.
 Especially the combination of different kinds of stylish woods.
 As I mentioned, they also have fish spa that you can avail for just 200 pesos. It's really tickling! :P
 Or better yet, you can try the services offered in their spa.
 For health buffs out there, there's a small but fully operation gym facilities
So here is the Malasimbo Premier Room. It may seemed like a small room because of this shot, but it's really huge! Compared to other accommodation rooms we had, this is the biggest room ever. Imagine a regular hotel room, it's like 3 times of the size!
Everything you need is already there! (I suggest to fix the wiring in the TV since it looks messy)
Beside the bed is this spacious living room-like space with comfy couches.
With this chandelier too!
But my favorite in our room? This very elegant mirror on the wall! Look at those details!  
Pag harap mo palang, maganda ka na! haha! :))
The comfort room was equally elegant as well. The posh tiles on the wall, complete toiletries, and guess what? 
The water in Infinity Resort is purified and ready to drink!
The toilet bowl is separately placed right beside. I loved it since the shower room
was spacious enough to move around while taking a bath. 
But there's only one thing that missed on our wonderful stay in Infinity Resort. Remember the reason why we choose the Malasimbo Premier? The main reason would be the Hydrojet Tub. It's not ordinary bathtub! And we're so excited to try that! After we filled the tub with water, we were informed that it's not YET working. WHAAAAT?? They said that the one who is supposed to set it up is in Manila. DARN! You don't know how pissed I am that time! We're from Manila as well, and to be exact in Rizal! Besides, we paid one month in advance for this, so why don't they fix it ahead of time? 
I really won't accept that excuse. >:|
Still overall, we enjoyed our stay. But only if I knew that the Hydrojet is still not working,
we should've reserved for different room instead.

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