Luca Cucina Italiana at Talipanan Beach in Puerto Galera

by - July 31, 2014

If ever you're planning to stay in Talipanan Resort, it's impossible for you not to see Luca Cucina Italiana from web. 
Well, aside that the beach has only less than ten resort/food stops, it's a must for you to visit Luca. 
A lot of tourists will go all the way from White Beach just to visit.
 It's not a fancy type, I'm telling you. But it's really worth the visit and the raves from the internet! It's a restaurant owned by an Italian named "Luca" (duh) who serves authentic Italian cuisine! He's the bulky guy with curly hair, and what's so cool about that is he speaks tagalog fluently. Really cute! :)
 With this magnificent view too! You should remember that Luca's serving size is humungous!
Capricciosa (390 pesos) - Pizza made up of Tomato, Mozarella, Mushroom, Ham and Onion on a freshly made dough. You may noticed that the price is a "bit" steep but their serving size is good for 4 persons! (Pinky promise!)
 Pesto Alla Genovese (280 pesos) - One of the nicest pesto I had. Creamy, Cheesy,
with perfect bits of nuts. I've tasted different versions of pesto but their pesto is just divine!
Make sure to try their fruit shakes!
  As much as we would like to try different dishes, we simply can't since we're just two! We even had a take out!

Here's Luca's Menu

Then that night, we went to White Beach to try the "Paluto" dishes. Nothing beats perfectly cooked seafood by the beach with the funny gay performers on the side. Kudos to them! Perfect way to end our night! :)

Check their website here

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