Last Stop: Whimsical Place of Cafe Noriter

by - July 12, 2014

In a small street in Taft, there's a high probability that you will miss seeing this place. 
From the outside it looked like a creepy building somewhere that you might not want to enter.
Who would anyway? I mean, if you bring your date here and 
she will see the place, it's automatic a thumbs down for you!
But there's a saying that "Don't judge a book by its cover" once you get inside. The concept of Cafe Noriter pretty much reminded me of SHP Bibimbap (in the same area as well) that I can't help but to compare. Though Noriter doesn't have the huge teddies like in SHP Bibimbap, I find this place more cozy than the latter.
 They offer wide variety of choices on their menu
Every corner is a Instagram worthy shot. No need to put some filter since it's automatically on Valencia effect ;)
The place is a whimsical playground for everyone. Even these paper cups makes the place more interesting!
Aside from the regular tables, there's a cube where groups prefer to stay. A homey set up where customers can sit down on the floors then catch up with each other.
You'll see some interesting thing in Noriter. The wooden furniture has "graffiti" all over the place. Though at some point, it's cool and unique but PERSONALLY, I find it a bit off since it makes the place dirtier for ME.. But I guess it depends on the person :)
We were offered by Java Chip Frapuccino and Honey Toast Bread. Everyone agreed that the drink was too bitter and bland. There's no hint of sweetness on the drink at all. While the toast bread was okay.
But I'm not closing my doors for Noriter! There's tons of drinks I might try on my next visit if ever.
The place is surely enjoyable. But make sure to abide these simple house rules. :)

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